6 Easy Ways To Get Your Child Support For Years. By James Dazouloute

Child support information and ways to get it are not at all complex, and all it takes is a little common sense and foot work. Or even better a little finger work, as this is the age of the Internet, and child support information is everywhere. So you already know that child support is for the kids, and not the parent. Since most parents use the kids as a front to finance their lavish life styles, or their little slaves to get them all the things they could never have on their own.

Now, to get child support information you must first:
Begin by knowing what it is you want to accomplish with that information, and then you can go about ways of getting it. For example, if you just want to begin child support proceedings you can just go down to your local courthouse and ask for a child support packet. And there you can begin by reading all of the basic information that the court provided to you in that packet, and then look at the forms that were also included. And Know that some courts charge $5 to $10 for that child support packet, and some give it to you for free as part of your tax dollars. Also to use that information yourself, you must have some legal common sense as to how to fill out the paperwork and what the steps are to file your child support documents. In other words, you can not be shy and afraid to walk into a court house and have your business done.

Second way to get child support is to know who are you dealing with, as far as the other parent. And I mean what is your past and current relationship with them?. Do you two get along, do you two constantly argue about money and about how to raise children, and do you two sleep together inconsistently?. Do determine your relationship with the other person, and then set your heart and mind in the right place as to how and why you will obtain the child support information. And I will advise you this dear friend, even if your relationship is not good with the other parent, never - ever become vindictive in your ways of obtaining child support. Because I have seen this so often, that one parent will get way more money than they even would expect, as the courts will determine what is to be paid, and in the process of lies, manipulation, vindictiveness and ugliness, they will totally alienate the other parent in their kid' s life. And then only to claim they were doing it all for the kids. Remember, there is an unexplainable bond that develops between 2 parents and with the child when there is birth in the family. And that child will badly need both parents to become complete for the rest of their life, and this is why you will see kids for no reason start to act out in their pre - teen and teenage years, when there is in - fighting between both parents along with deep separation.

Third Easy Way for child support, is to also know yourself. As far as your view about money, and how hungry you are for it. And yes the kids need money for shoes, food, babysitters, daycare, private school, rent, uniforms, after school activities, insurance, clothes, games, tutoring, lights, water, cable, and therapy even. So the legitimate needs for child support are there, and yes the kids do need money to survive. However, do remember that kids need love too. And that unbreakable and unexplainable bond between mother and child, father and child, will never be solved with money. So do keep a clear head and get what you need for the kids, which is enough money. Not your ego, your pride, your vengeful, your temper, your ugliness.

Another way to get child support information, if you do not have any idea where the other parent is, either because you chose not to tell them where you are or they have gotten as far away from you as possible, is to use the Internet. And going online is the cheapest and quickest way to obtain information, as you will need information about the other parent no matter which way you decide to proceed with your child support proceedings. And when you go online, do try to remember at least their first name and last name ( unless you had a one night stand ),  and then you can begin making a list about everything you remember about them. Like birthday, address, social security number, cell phone number, work address, their height, their vehicle information. As any of those things will make the process easier when searching for the other parent online, and use the services online that locate people like the white pages, people search, name search and so on. And to differentiate between individuals, do add as much information in your name search as possible as there are plenty of people with the exact first and last names. Also use a service that charges any where from $9.99 to $49.99 to give you a solid search and that will let you keep searching for a good 6 months. online you can find anything about a person, and all they have to do is go online one time in their life and sign up for something, buy something. Or as long as that person does anything public like getting a ticket, or have property taxes, light bill, phone bill and so on.

Fifth way to obtain child support information is to go and apply for assistance like food stamps, medicaid, assistance with light bill and rent. The department of children and family will gladly help you in an emergency, but in exchange they will ask you to fill out a 50 page form that will, in detail, ask for the other parent 's information. As they will be going after that parent in full force to repay that money to them, and as soon as you sign that form and get that check it is no longer up to you when or how they start the child support proceedings. And in this way they will be obtaining all new information about the other parent for you, once you give them the basic information, through their local resources, the Internet, the police, the State Attorney along with the local courthouse and the Sheriff. And they will be like a pit bull going after a stranger, for they will make print out of the parent driving license, picture, and print out of their tax records, print out of their job in the last 5 yeas reported to the I R S ( as Dept. of child support is now under the Department of Revenue ). Believe me I know, as I use to work for one of those above departments. So if you want to stay amicable with the other parent, then choose this course of action wisely, but if they are avoiding you, then...

And finally the 6th. Way, and for the purpose of this writing, you can go through the use of a private Attorney. If you do not want to do any leg work yourself, or demean yourself to the State by asking for a handout and then have them get it back from the other parent, or even spend lost days from work standing in line everywhere you go to try to handle your child support yourself, then a highly rated ( A. V. ) Attorney is the way to go, and you may say well I don 't have any money to pay an attorney and that is why I am trying to get child support. Well the attorney will get the other parent to pay all your court costs and attorney fees, along with arrears of child support ( going back up to 2 years ). And the attorney will have private investigators to track down the other parent for you, and he will give you all the information you will ever need about child support as well as answer any and all your questions about that subject. And there is quite a few legal services out there that you can sign up for, and join with your little bit of money with other members. And whenever you need the services of an Attorney, you just call up with your member number and get those legal services done at no extra cost. And for such services, their membership ranges from $16 to $36 per month. So Just Do A Search Online Right Now for the most current companies offering Legal Plan Services, sign up and get all your child support information as well. Your Legal Advocate, James Dazouloute

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 6 easy ways to get child support...


  1. Anonymous2:39 AM

    You're right, child support is always needed for the Child welfare, and not for the other parent to go to clubs and party.

  2. Anonymous10:46 PM

    If you have a baby you need to pay child support if he or she is not leaving with you, male or female.

  3. Anonymous10:47 PM

    These laws on child support are crazy. they go to extremes. Leroy.


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