5 Best Ways To Live A Happy Life No Matter What. By James Dazouloute

AXY993SXSWZN - Live A Happy Life No Matter What, because you are told to enjoy life at all times, also told that all things that take place in your life are experiences to be had, one after another. And so you must learn that the universe does not hate you, nor is God out to get you, or even that all your brothers and sisters all hate you and want to destroy you. And all that is simply because you have a life to live, you have things to do, you have a legacy to build, you have pleasures to experience, you have greatness within you that is dying to come out. And so you must learn how to live happily no matter what you are going through. So here are 5 ways, or 5 righteous views to have, to live life happily:

1st. Way to live a happy life: Understand That All Are Illusions.
Yes Beloved, all that you see - feel - breathe - taste - hear are all illusions of the brain which receive all infos. through synaptic nerves. And so for every moment that you are experiencing, know that each one is an illusion and it is up to you to assign meaning to them. So it is best that you do not give too much meaning to anything in your life, because you of all people know that there have been many times when you thought that something that happened was the best thing for you, and soon thereafter it turned out to be the worst thing for you and vice verse. So understand that all are illusions, and you will live happily through every situation and moment.

2nd. way to experience happiness: Whatever You TRULY Believe Is What Will Happen To You.
Since all are illusions and perceptions of the brain, it would behoove you to only believe in all the right things that you want to happen, and not in things that would destroy you. In other words, stop believing that you are a victim and that nothing will ever work out for you. Because if you do, then that is exactly what will happen, since whatever you believe the mind will believe, and then the thoughts will come forward, then the mouth will speak, and finally the heart will cause the emotions to take actions. And then you are doomed, and when those bad things happen then you will forever be doomed into a vicious cycle of "Poor Little Me". And so for a happy life, start to believe that all things that happen to you were meant to happen just as they do, and you are neither lucky or unlucky. Then you will have peace and joy, and move forward.

3rd. Easy way to live a happy life: Realize All Are Vanities.
Since all things and events are illusions, then they are all vanity. So this is why you must learn to find joy in all things, you must find contentment in every little situation that you experience. And that way you will not be like King Solomon and run after the whole world, and try to conquer all and amass all wealth.

4th. Righteous view to have about life: Fully Know That All Events Are Once In A Lifetime Opportunity.
For a happy lifestyle, you must understand and fully realize that every single situation is unique and is meant to be lived to the fullest by you. Because once that day is gone, once that love is gone, once that job is gone, once that feeling vanishes, once that opportunity has moved on, then it will never comeback around the same way again. And you see this in all people seeking follies, for they do their very best to go back in time in order to re-create a situation that was great so they could re-live it. Or if that situation was a great mistake, then they also do their best to re-create that exact situation so they could fix it. But it never happens again, and if they come close to re-creating it then they quickly realize that they do not feel the same way at all. 

5th. Way to live: Realize That What You Do Today Will Echo Throughout Eternity.
Today do whatever is within your power to do and do the very best you can, even though it is an illusion - the actions within it are what you will be judged by, and then you will live a very happy life each day. Because each one of your words, each one of your actions, each one of your dreams are all being recorded in the book of life, and once they have come and gone, your reactions to them will echo all throughout eternity. So best to enjoy your life, best to do the very best you can in every workout, in every work day, in every dinner you eat, in every helping hand that you offer to the needy, in every prayer that you submit to the Almighty. And then you will have mastered all the best ways to live a happy life... Your Life Advocate, James Dazouloute


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