3 Ways To Survive Life No Matter What. By James Dazouloute

When it comes to Surviving and then Overcoming Life, there are 3 Ways To Survive No Matter What, since you have no choice but to do it. But to live this life to the fullest, but to make something of yourself, but to contribute something to Humanity and their advancement. And so you have to be resolved, you have to keep persevering no matter what, you have to continue on down the road even to your very last breath. But along the way, there are 3 main things that you must continuously be aware of if you want to survive and if you want success, since having certain universal rules to live by is the surest way to be stress free, to stay focus, to accomplish all goals. So Here We Go:

First Way To Survive Life No Matter What: Only Me Can Truly Help Me.
And you have heard thousands of times that "If it is to be done it is up to you," and so you have to get involved in your own affairs, and not make the mistakes that many athletes and movie stars have made, and just let Managers or Accountants or Assistants do everything for them. And then play "Victim", because their life is all screwed up. So live by: Only Me Can Truly Help Me, and get involved and stay involved in all that you are facing.

I Am Not A Victim But A Fixer Of Things
And this statement you would do well to remember it Beloved, especially after things have happened that have blindsided you and hit you out of nowhere. And so you must remember that "Nothing is a coincidence or an accident", but part of a well designed plan that is there to teach you, to elevate you, to push you, to prosper you and to bring about a happier you. So starting today, begin to truly believe that you are Not a Victim, but a fixer of things, but an opportunist, but an adventurer, but a re-arranger, and you will survive no matter what.

3rd. Way To Survive Life No Matter What: There Is Always A Way And I Will Always Find It.
And you really, really have to believe this Beloved, since nothing in life is impossible, since you were made to be the head and not the tail, since you are the child of God and all things were created for you to enjoy and then glorify God. So there is always a way out or a way in, no matter what you are facing, and no matter what you are in need of. You always have a choice, and never think that you don't, because if you do then you will become a victim and do what others who are wicked want you to do. So never, ever let anyone or any situation push you into a corner, because in your speech - in your thoughts - in your actions, You are the Creator of corners, and You are the way maker. So not only survive, but overcome and triumph, no matter what. Your Disaster Advocate, James Dazouloute

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  1. Anonymous3:47 AM

    Amazing share, now I know exactly what to do to survive. Thanks Dr. James. Liliana


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