10 Easy Ways To Manage Your Email Marketing. By James Dazouloute

Your Email Marketing Program for your Business is Paramount, if you are expecting to sell anything. Because if nobody knows where your Store is or what You have for sale (Online or Brick and Mortar), then you might as well take all your products and services and throw them into the Ocean, or just sit them on the curbside and have the Garbage People pick them all up, along with all your ideas and your retirement planning. And that's how vital it is to have an Email Marketing Plan nowadays, especially since you are now living in the Age Of The Internet and Email, where the Post Office is closing down branches daily, because people are no longer mailing each other letters, postcards and advertisements. 

But now are simply sending text messages, sending Emails, photos and videos to one another. So you as a Business Owner (Yes You, even with the lemonade stand, even with the hair braiding skill, even with the pet sitting service, even with specialized decorative jewelry etc..), must do everything within your power to start to interact with your audience electronically, and start to profit in the Age Of Technology. Because you have dreams that need to be realized, you have kids to send to College, you have Vacations to take, you have medical insurance to pay and you want to retire some day with a nice nest egg. So you must make it your business, through Email Marketing, to reach Billions of people, you must talk to them once a week about your products and services. Especially since research shows that the average person must see an advertisement about 7 times Online before he or she clicks on it to see what it is all about.

So Here Are The 10 Easy Ways To Manage Your Email Marketing.
1. Keep your database clean and organized.
Meaning keep up with your Email Lists and know which ones are still active or not, also know which group of people are interested in what.

2. Do not send Emails to those who are not expecting them
In other words, stop spamming everybody. There are many reputable places Online who have lists of people who have opted in to receive Emails about particular products and services. And those people have been verified and they have twice verified they want those things, so you can get with these companies and get those targeted lists.

3. Treat your Users as Customers/Friends and not as mere Email Addresses

4. Always clearly identify yourself and always give them an option to unsubscribe to your Email Marketing.

5. Monitor the result of your campaign using Online software, and see what is effective.

6. Analyze your campaign and the behavior of your database (Customers), and adapt to new strategies.

7. Pay attention to the design of your Emails, your electronic brochures, your videos.

8. Be Creative, so innovate and try not to bore your customers / friends.

9. Think Mobile as in cell phones, ipads, laptops... And compact things in a dynamic way so people can get your Emails fast, and be interesting enough for them to click on them.

10. Work with professional technical people and organizations Online who will help You to run an effective Email Marketing Program.

There You have your 10 Easy Ways To Manage Your Email Marketing... Your Business Explosion Advocate, James Dazouloute 

Golden Rules of Email Marketing http://vur.me/tbw/money-making-list/ 10

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