Yom Kippur - Day Of Atonement, Here Is The Meaning. By James Dazouloute

Yom Kippur Or Day Of Atonement, Here Is The Meaning. Because you have heard this term thrown around within the Spiritual Circles of Christianity and Judaism. And yet you have never fully grasped the actual meaning of it, and what exactly it is that you are supposed to do on that day, September 25th., which always begin at Sundown and ends on the 25th. hour of the next day. And to give you the basic meaning and understanding of Yom Kippur or Day Of Atonement, allow me to give you a simple verse to begin with: 1 (First) John, Chapter 1 Verse 9: If We Confess Our Sins, HE Is Faithful And Just To Forgive Our Sins, And To Cleanse Us From All Unrighteousness.

So by now you know that the word: Yom Kippur (Hebrew) means Day Of Atonement (English). And back in The Bible days, this is the only day that the High Priest was allowed to enter The Holy Of Holies to offer up an Animal Blood Sacrifice for the entire Nation Of Israel. So Atonement would take place by Offering A Substitute, and this act was ceremonial and symbolic up until the Actual Arrival Of The Only Begotten Son Of God, who was to be offered as final Atonement For Our Sins - Iniquities - Trangressions... Just so we would not have to die and be punished in this life and the next. And so The High Priest would sprinkle the blood of the perfect animal, A Goat, on The Altar Of God. Also The High Priest would lay his hands on the head of a 2nd. Goat animal and confess all the Sins of Israel, thereby transferring their Sins upon the animal that was perfect, unblemished, a virgin and without sin, then releasing that animal unto the desert, and a Scarlet Cord would be wrapped around it's neck and as the unblemished goat is being led away then that Cord would turn white. And this is where you get the term: The Innocent Pays For The Guily.... Or He Who Was Without Sin, Was Made Sin For All Others. And also the term Scape Goat.

And since the Ultimate Sacrifice has already been done for You and I in the Blood Of Jesus Christ, The Only Begotten Son Of God, then You and I no longer have to bring a virgin Goat or any other Unblemished Animal to offer up as sacrifice for our Sins - Iniquities - & Trangressions. And Under That Beloved Blood, Here Is An Example Of What You Must Pray On Yom Kippur:


Under Duress Or Willingly.

By Hard - Heartedness.


With An Utterance Of The Lips.

With Immorality.

Openly Or Secretly.

With Knowledge And With Deceit.

Through Speech.

By Deceiving A Fellow Man.

By Improper Thoughts.

By A Gathering Of Lewdness.

By Verbal Insecere Confession.

By Disrespect For Parents And Teachers.

By Desecrating The Divine Name.
By Foolish Talk.

By Eating And Drinking.

By Passing Judgment.

By Taking Vengeance.

By Taking For Granted The Blood And The Death Of Your Son.
By Swearing In Vain.

By Sexual Perversion And Going Against Nature.

By Causeless Hatred.

Knowingly And Unknowingly.


Now in Judaism, it is written and said that Yom Kippur is the climax of a ten day period called The Days Of Awe. And supposedly on Rosh Hashanah, the destiny of The Righteous is written by God in The Book Of Life, and the destiny of The Wicked is written by God as well in The Book OF Death. However, most people name will not be written in Either Books by God, and so they are given Ten Days or until Yom Kippur, to repent before sealing their fate. And they call those, The Ten Days Of Repentance, and then every Soul's Name will be written in either books.

One Last Thing: I would like to invite You to take a look at Book Of Leviticus Chapter 6, Verse 27 And Book Of Isiah Chapter 1, Verse 18. For in these texts you will grasp the great meaning of Yom Kippur or Day Of Atonement, because this is when while The High Priest would be performing his duties, the people of Israel would Fast Fervently and be waiting in eager anticipation. And after the killing of the perfect animal, the High Priest Garments would be dripping with blood, and after God accepted his sacrifice, then he would hung his garments. But a great miracle would take place, where the garments which were crimson red with blood would turn as white as snow (And after The Christ Left the earth, Israel - the part who did not believe - continued to offer up the Goat and tied the Scarlet Cord, but it stopped turning White, even until the last destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D.) .

And according to Traditions, the people of Israel were supposed to do 5 things and even you as well to this day:

Abstain From Eating And Drinking.

Abstain From Marital Relations Or Any Sexual Fornications

Abstain From Using Lotions And Perfumes.

Abstain From Washing And Bathing.
Abstain From Wearing Of Leather Shoes.

So as you can see, this is a time of great fasting from all things luxurious and from all daily needs. For Yom Kippur is a day to afflict Your Sould and reflect on your Sevice To The Lord. Remeber this day is all about repenting and returning unto The Lord, and with The Blood Of His Only Begotten Son Atoning For You, Then You Must Confess Your Sins - Iniquities - Transgressions, Just so You could have Life and Have it more Abundantly. Also it is written in Judaism, that on Yom Kippur, this is the only day that Satan is rendered Powerless to Accuse Israel along with You and I, just like he will be in the New World to come... Your Spiritual Advocate, James Dazouloute


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