Why Do You Believe In God. SEE The Reasons. By James Dazouloute

Why Do You Believe In God? And what makes your Faith so strong? Since you have never seen God in person, nor have you witnessed any of the acts that you have read in the Holy Scriptures. And on top of that, all the Religions of the world seem to intertwine with one another, as each one's religious tradition has been taken from the other. And especially when you study Christianity, you will see that a lot of their Holidays and rituals are from Pagan Religions that were much older than they. So why do you believe in God so much, and how do you know He is truly invincible since all the other Gods of the other Religions claim the same?

Also, since you were not there at the beginning, you really have no clue what really took place, whether it was the big bang theory, or whether it was God who spoke, or whether it was that great hot primordial soup where all things and beings emerged from. And not to forget that what happens for you in your life, has happened for another person before you, and the miracles that one group has experienced has happened for another. Then why do you believe in God so much? And what makes you think you are so special?

And I am not trying to shake your Faith Beloved, I am only reaching out to you so you could explore your Faith, your Belief and your Understanding of God. Because whenever the time comes for you to teach others about your God, or to try to convert them for the Kingdom, they will be presenting you with the same questions and same arguments that I am bringing up. So best to have your answers ready, and not just say: "Oh I know my God is the real one".

Why Do You Believe In God? First way to explain it is to always compare apples for apples, meaning you must not be afraid to take a look at the other Religions and their Holy Scriptures, and then see what is different, what similarities do they share with yours, and are there places and ways that you can verify what is factual, what is myth, what is hearsay, what is just man made. Because you know that things get murky when men get involved in them, when men have to write them down, and when they have to go out and share the Gospel.

So for you, you must remember what God has said in the Book Of James, (Paraphrase) that if any man needs to know anything, let him not be afraid to ask of God, for He won't resent him. And so you must go into deep prayer/communication with God, and ask Him to reveal truths to you, ask to be shown where you can find proof of His works, and also ask for Him to do one Big Thing for you that no other God could ever do. Then you will know for sure why you Believe In God... Your Spiritual Advocate, James Dazouloute

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