When Will The World End. By James Dazouloute

When Will The World End? Whenever You and Humanity Want It To End, is the very best answer I can give to you Beloved, since this question is one that has been posed by one and all ever since this age of Men began. But not ever since the world began, since The Earth was created 4 to 5 Billion Years ago, and you and I were not around, nor was Adam and Eve. But as I stated before, each age of Men, whether they were Neanderthals or Modern Men, all have asked that great question of: When Will The World End. And really Dear Friend, this question is Relative in term of what your version of The World Is. Because if you asked this question to the Cavemen, their world ended when that great Meteor decimated a great part of the Earth and they all perished.

Or if you ask the people living in the Days of Noah, then the world ended when The Great Flood took place, and everyone on that side of the world or living above ground perished. And even if you were to ask the 3000 people who perished on 911, then the world as they and their families knew it actually ended that September 11, 2011.

But enough teasing you Beloved, because I know that when you ask: When Will The World End? You are really asking in terms of When Will The Earth Blow Up and turn to fine dust floating in the Universe. Or when will the world burn completely into space, or when it will flood to the core and then disintegrate. But to answer that question, you must go to Religion. For all Religions of the world only tell you that there will be a great and harsh Judgment upon The Earth, and then all things will be made new, afterward The Earth will be turned into paradise. So When Will The World End? NEVER... According to all the Gods of the Religions of the world. Because according to them they created The World, and they will never allow Mankind through wars to destroy it. They will never destroy it themselves either. All Because The Earth Is An Entity Itself, just like you and I, she is a being just like The Sun or The Moon, and serve an infinite purpose to The Great Creator Of All.

So When Will The World End? Whenever You And Humanity Want It To, as I stated in the first paragraph. Because only your action upon The Earth can cause it to be partially destroyed as you have come to know The World, but in all reality The World will remain forever, no matter what you have heard that was supposed to happen on a particular date, Or Any Other Date For That Matter.

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