What Is Stress...Top Five Signs That You Are Under Stress And What To Do. By James Dazouloute

What Is Stress, that you are so mindful of it? And what can you do against this great monster, that seems bent on destroying your body, your mind and your dreams? After all you have conquered most of life's problems, and you have accomplished so many goals that you have set, so why is stress getting the best of you? And you know you are a winner in all that you do, and you intend to win at life in being happy and filled with joy. So with that statement, I intend to keep you that way by showing you 5 signs of stresses that can sneak in your mind and body, without even realizing it. And what to do with each sign of these stresses.

What is stress? It is anything that is new to your body, anything that is forcing your body to step in a direction that is alien to it. And stress is when your mind is faced with confusion about what to do with a strange new situation. Also stress is the physical and emotional way that your body responds to a deadline, a goal, a new exercise, a relationship gone bad, a new disease showing up during your physical, a lay off from a job, a home foreclosure, a car accident and so on...

First sign that you are under stress: Nightmares.

When you are sleeping and resting your mind and body, but out of nowhere a nightmare pops into your dream. And you quickly jump up and out of it, then you go back to sleep. And once more another nightmare start, what is going on? Well you are under stress about a situation in your life, and your subconscious mind is trying to deal with it. So what you have to do is immediately take a pen and piece of paper and start writing down what has been bothering you, and the 3 ways that you can solve it. So that way you have plan A, plan B and plan C, to relieve your stress.
Second way that you are under attack from stress: Frequent crying.

When you find yourself teary-eyed for any and every little thing, then you are under stress. And you must go back to a moment when you were extremely happy and relive it fully, so you can see how you did it. Kind of like when your computer is acting silly, then you must reboot it or go back to a time when it was working perfect. And so your brain is a computer, then you must reboot it or take it back.

Third way to recognize stress: No Care For Appearance.

If you no longer care what you look like when going to work or going to Church, or even when meeting with a special friend, then you are under stress. Because your mind is preoccupied and is stressed due to a new strange situation. So you must refocus on what is important, You. Because without you, even that strange situation would just die out, and the only reason it has any meaning is because of the meaning that you give to it.

Fourth sign of stress: Loneliness.

When you do not care to be around other people, or you feel very lonely even in a crowded room, then you are mentally stress because your mind is not focusing on being sociable. So you must shake yourself-off, and begin to focus on and appreciating other people instead of intense focus on yourself. Because when you focus on others and their needs, then your problems will quickly be reduced to nothing, and then you can wipe them out.

Fifth way that stress is attacking you: Easily Irritated.

Every little thing gets on your nerves, and everyone who even looks at you makes you roll your eyes at them for no justified reason, then you are under stress. So you must put on your favorite music to put you in a better mood, or call your very best friend who is always supporting you and talk things out. And if there is no one around, then God always is. So pray to God and pop the cap of that bottle of stress. Because when you keep things bottled in, you are only giving power to that silly situation.

So stress is like going to the beach and getting sands in every hidden body part without paying attention, and the only way to get the sand out is to shower with running water from head to toes. And that is the same way you must deal with stress, total washing off your worries, your doubts and anxieties from your mind. Because this is where the Illusion has made a home for itself and has now transferred to reality. So you must renew your mind each time it is being poisoned by stress, you must replace fear with victory and positive thinking along with optimism. For your happiness and your survival as well as perfect health depend on it. 

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