What Is Purity, And The 4 Ways To Attain It. By James Dazouloute

What Is Purity... because deep down in your heart, you have always wanted to be pure in your heart, in your thoughts, in your speech and even in your actions. But for some reason, you are always being bombarded from Society with ways to get angry, with reasons to speak harsh words. And then there are your friends, who are Hypocrites and who are always getting on your last nerves, and you have to deal with them. You have to deal with let downs, with depressions, with misunderstandings, and even with God being silent when you pray for things that you badly need. So how do you handle Purity, and how do you get to be pure? Well today I intend to share with you the 4 things that you should be aware of, and then you will become Pure in no time.

Purity is something that you must strive for at all costs, because it will keep you out of so much trouble, out so many pains , and out so much misery... And if you can obtain purity, you will truly become the Apple of God's Eyes. On top of that, once you have achieved Purity, then you will become Enlightened, you will be able to prophesy and you will be able stay in constant presence of God.

What is purity, and first thing to watch out for: Your Heart.
In your heart, you must become pure, and you must quickly learn to forgive all others for their wrongdoing. Because that is the very essence of God, for He forgives all that you do wrong, no matter how many times you think you have grown and end up falling again. So begin to forgive from your heart, and look for the Good in all others... Because if you are too busy looking for things that you don't like and even hate, then you will not find the time to love them and be pure.

Second thing to do for purity: Your Thoughts.
Your mind is your worst enemy, but it can be your very best provider in bringing to you all that you desire. But first, your mind run with so many thoughts, your mind try to be negative and even freeze up in depression. And when you are tired, it even becomes lazy and non productive. So do try to stay positive in life, and realize that all things that happen to you were meant to happen exactly in those ways. So know that you are the Master of the Universe, and all that you think about is pure, all that you lend your mind to must be graceful and wonderful

Third thing for a pure life: Your Speech.
If you can control your tongue, then you can control your thoughts, your heart, your mind and your body. Because once you speak a word, then that word takes a life on it's own. And since you are made in God's image, and He used Words to create the Universe by speaking them and giving them life. By saying: Let There Be... And so you too must recognize that you must guard your speech by speaking only blessings, only love, only kindness, only perfection, only true knowledge and only spiritual things. Then you will obtain Purity.

Fourth way to obtain purity: Your Actions.
You see Beloved, after you begin allowing yourself to have negative emotions in your heart, then your mind begin to formulate ways to act on those destructive feelings, afterward your tongue lashes out those negative emotions along with the things created in your mind to speak, and then comes your actions where you kick somebody, you punch somebody and you degrade yourself along with your newly created enemy.

So starting today, do whatever you have to by sacrificing all things in life for purity. James Dazouloute

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