Wedding Nightmares, 7 Easy Tips To Avoid Them. By James Dazouloute

This is your big day , the one you have planned and envisioned your whole life. This is your grand stage and everyone is coming for you, all eyes, all the applause, all wow and all dedications are to you. And people are taking off work, catching flights out of state and out of country for you. People are skipping rent and paying their mortgages late to buy you gifts, and parents  are emptying savings accounts to give you the most lavish  wedding available. So, do you see how important this is?. Of course you do. And you do realize that you can never allow  your wedding to go wrong, nor can this day be ruined in any way, shape or form.

First tip to avoid wedding nightmares is to imagine, you paid to rent a hall space in an affluent neighborhood over 6 months ago, and the day before the wedding the roof starts to leak and  collapse, or a small tornado hits building, what do you do?. Well to avoid that nightmare, you should always have a back up  reception location that you can set up in, within 4 hours or less, as part of your wedding planning. Because the priest or pastor can always come to you, and the food can always be brought  to the new location and the people directed to the new location as well. So plan A and B always.

Second easy tip is to either have a house or 2 hotel rooms set up, where all the people who are walking in your wedding can get dress all at the same time. Because a wedding nightmare and embarrassing situation is to have some bridesmaids missing, or not having the outfit you said to have, and even have dirty clothes with missing pieces. Remember this is your wedding day, and  you want everything perfect. For if it is to be done, it is up to you. Also, always rent or order a couple of extra dresses and suits just in case.

Third wedding nightmare to avoid is to ensure that you have  worked out a contract with a professional " D J ", and you have also practiced with him or her all the songs you want played and when. Remember this is a wedding party and music plays a huge role for the guests not to get bored. You do not want a  wedding nightmare with a " D J " playing songs that insult you guests, and a " D J " who uses cuss words and even one who is drunk  or a no show. Again have a back up " D J " on stand by, and have all the music that are going to be played in your wedding reception on a " C D " for yourself beforehand.

Fourth easy tip is to have limo company and driver ready to go, and  make sure they will be there at  least 30 minutes early. And that it is a fairly new limo, because the last thing you want on your wedding day is a limo that breaks down with you, or have air condition not working properly. And even have driver who does not speak your  language, or even knows where he is going. So, always have a  Mercedes or Jaguar  vehicle on stand by, cleaned and ready to go. You do not want anything to go wrong.

Fifth wedding nightmare to avoid: Make sure you stay on top of your food source. You have to see that the foods that will be served are of the greatest quality, and prepared by the cleanest people. This is the  most important part of your celebration, after your " I Do ". A wedding nightmare you want to avoid at all costs, is to have people throwing up and getting food poisoning during your most glorious day. Check on the  chef and staff before your wedding, and also have someone there to  taste all the food before they are brought out. Also make sure the  contract  is carried out to the letter and that you do not get shortchanged. Plus make sure you have an iron clad contract with each of the vendors mentioned in the steps above. And please, always have your attorney review all your contracts for your big day, and have peace of mind.

Sixth tip: Avoid over partying at your bachelor / bachelorette party. It  will be a nightmare if you or your people get arrested at your party, and even worst someone gets killed. You do not want your perfect wedding day to be ruined, so do enjoy your party but do not get so drunk that  you do not remember what happened. You are about to give and share your life with your soul mate, so just make sure you have something special worth giving.

Seventh easy tip: For all the things mentioned above, yes you could  probably get your money back if something did go wrong. But remember, this day is not about that, it is about being perfect and also have  everything in perfect order all the way to your honeymoon. Always create a back up plan in every step of your wedding planning, for each potential let down have a place or someone else that could easily fill in. And as you make arrangements for your wedding, do not forget to be kind and respectful to all those serving and helping you. Also after wards, go online and buy everyone who was involved, even the vendors, a little thank you gift. For they helped make your day perfect, and do that while at the beach with your laptop on your honeymoon by just having the gifts shipped directly to them with a note. Have a perfect and joyous wedding day... James Dazouloute

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