Up To Me, SEE Why That Is Always. By James Dazouloute

You Already Know This: If It's To Be Done... It Is Up To You. And I am not sure why you have not been living by this. And I know that things have been hard for you lately, and it seems that it's one bad news after the other, and one big disappointment after the next. Also every plan that you have made, always turn out to be the wrong plan. But the problem is not bad luck, or that the Universe hates you. No, the problem is a Lack Of Knowledge and Lack Of Conviction.

Also deep down inside, you seem to always be in a "Waiting Mode", as if your knight in shining armor is going to come along and fix everything for you. Or maybe you think that God will fix everything all while you are sleeping, even though He already told you that He will make a way of escape for you, make a way for you to get wealth, make a way for you to have good health and so on... Yet you refuse to live by "Up To Me" Motto. It is up to you Beloved to always walk that down that path that God has shown you, always up to you to go to that job interview where God will show you favor with that Manager, always up to you to look at that house where God has already made a way for you to get it. SO STOP ALL THIS NONSENSE!

And to make it all happen, you must always keep on getting knowledge like this, through personal development, and through the use of a Coach to help you put it all in perspective. And then you will see and realize all truths about Life, and not your own self delusion of truths. Then your plans will begin to unfold perfectly. And now, all that is left for you to do is To Stop Giving Up, with everything you ever get involved in. Just Stop. This time you must go all the way, because If It's To Be Done... It Is Up To You.... Remember?  James Dazouloute

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