The Mob, Just Who Are They - I Teach You. By James Dazouloute

The Mob has been around ever since the 13th. Century, and if it remains a secretive organization, then it will still be here for the next 2000 years, in different shapes and fashions of course. But as mysterious as the mob or the mafia is, they are not that hard to figure out, since all Men are the same. They all have a hole in their heart called Greed, and because of this it will make them do anything to satisfy it. And that means murder, extortion, intimidation, gambling, prostitution, political dealings, money laundering, murder for hire, drug dealing and anything illegal – immoral – unethical you can think of. All because the need to have it all, no matter the cost, as well the more they get – the more they must have. And then there is the allure of Big Bad Men, that men and women are drawn to since Mankind is instinctively wicked. So even though the Mob or M.A.F.I.A. = MorteAlla Francia Italia Anela" (Death to the French is Italy's Cry ) started out as a good thing when they were invaded by the French back in 1282, and decided to mount a resistance, and maintain their sovereignty as well as Pride of Country. And then before the French, Italy was conquered and ruled by the Arabs. But like all Men, they all have turned coats since then, and are now strictly out for their pockets.

But who exactly is the Mob or Mafia in the west? And which families started to control and murder their own countrymen, and then anyone else who got in their way? So let's see:

Of course you should know that the Mob is rumored to have certain rules of initiations established, but I can honestly tell you that these rules are no longer followed at all by the Mob families and their soldiers. Because nowadays it's everybody for themselves, whenever it is good for them, or whenever they must save their own freedom or their family's. For they will cop a plea in a heartbeat with the F.B.I., or they will kill each other just to take over their position as Captain or even Mob Boss. And they will tread on the other families territory, they will kidnap one another and will even work for the Government.

But Here they are, what the mafia supposedly live by:

---- Code Of Silence... Meaning supposedly to not speak about the Mob's business, no matter what the circumstance are.

---- Blind Obedience... Just do what you're told no matter how gross or atrocious it is.

---- Work Together... Help others who are part of the Family, or any other Family who is befriended and green lighted by the Boss.

---- Vengeance...Everything is personal. And whenever a soldier is murdered, then the entire family is under attack.

---- Never Deal... And this is the most violated one. Never catch a plea, never help the Government.

Now as you can see, from the statements and the oaths above, and from what you have read in the papers and watched on Television, you will quickly realize that the Mob no longer follows any of these, and if they do it is quite rare. As it seems that Honor and Loyalty are no longer the Business Motto to be followed. But with that, it is rumored that the first Mafia Family to start out in the west back in 1893 was called La Cosa Nostra... Our Affairs – Or That Thing Of Ours, by a Gentleman called Don Vito Cascio Ferro

And then the West had it's first taste of Organized Crime that did it's business not just randomly, but with purpose, with quotas, with goals and with great prosperity, all the while leaving the Authorities clueless. So by the early 1900's, the mob became fully connected in many Cities, as well started appearing many different Mafia Families. And then came a golden opportunity for the mob, when prohibition came about in the 1920's, for that is when they saw a great economic opportunity to make some real money, as well use that money to buy Politicians, to pay off the Police, Judges, and anyone else who was important enough to help them do business and succeed.

Then of course, it was during that time that most Americans had become fully familiarized with the Mob, and begin to hear about The Flamboyant Al Capone Or Scarface. For he made the Mafia looked cool, calm and collected, as well he made his own countrymen want to become Gangsters, and stopped being just plain peasants by making a name for themselves, be it a criminal name. And Al Capone was so good at what he was doing, that even the F.B.I. Could not pin anything on him, and they had to jail under tax evasion not for the bloody massacres, gambling or even the great prostitution rings that he was openly known for.

And after Al Capone from Chicago, there came a few more secretive Mafia Bosses, but none to match his fame and fortune, until a Gentleman named Salvatore Lucania Or Lucky Luciano. And this Mob Boss opened the doors of Mob Initiation to one and all, because for him it was all about the Money. And then of course you've heard of others like Bugsey Siegel, Meyer Lansky, Giuseppe Masseria of the Genovese Family, or Salvatore Maranzano of the Bonanno Family.

So Here Are Some Of The Main Names And Mafia Family Structures That You May Not Be Familiar With... ( Of Course These Should Have Changed In Some Form Or Names, If They Are Smart. )



Salvatore D'Aquila (murdered 1928)

Frank Scalise (boss until 1931)

Vincent Mangano (through 1951)

Albert Anastasia (to 1957)

Carlo Gambino (to 1976)

Paul Castellano (murdered 1985)

John Gotti (jail 1992)

John Gotti Jr. (Present)



The Genovese Family
200 to 225 members
Boss: Vincent "Chin" Gigante, 76
Underboss :Venero "Benny Eggs" Mangano, 83 (Incarcerated)

Giuseppe "Joe the Boss" Masseria (killed 1931)

Charlie "Lucky" Luciano (back to Italy 1936)

Frank Costello

Vito Genovese (murdered 1959)

"Three Man Ruling Council"

Tommy Eboli, Jerry Catena, Mike Miranda (to 1972)

Frank Funzi Tieri (died 1981)

Anthony "Fat Tony" Salerno (jail 1987)

Vincent "The Chin" Gigante (to prison)

Liborio "Barney" Bellomo (jailed)

Dominick "Quiet Dom" Cirillo (He was the acting boss for Gigante)


The Colombo Family
75 to 85 members
Boss: Carmine "Junior" Persico, 71
Underboss :John "Jackie"DeRoss, 67
Consigliere:Joel "Joe Waverly" Cacace, 63

Joe Profaci (1930 - 1962)

Joseph Magliocco (died 1963)

Joe Colombo (killed 1978)

Joseph Yacovelli (to 1973)

Joseph Brancato (jailed 1973)

Thomas DiBella (to 1978)

Split into 2 factions - Mid 80's


The Bonanno Family
130 to 145 members
Boss: Joseph Massino, 62
Underboss :Vacant

Cola Schiro - to 1930

Salvatore Maranzano - murdered in 1931

Joe Bonanno -to 1964, broke Omerta

Frank LaBruzzo - 1966

Gaspare DiGregoria - 1968

Paul Sciacca

Ruling Council of

"Rusty" Rastelli, Joe Zicarelli, Joe DiFillippi, and Natale Evolia- 3 years

Natale Evola - sole boss, 1 year

"Rusty" Rastelli - late 1973 to 1974, incarcerated

Carmine Galante - 1979 murdered

Bonavventre - youngest boss at 24 years old

"Rusty" Rastelli - regained power, out of jail

{His aides were "Sonny Black" and "Lefty Guns" (Donnie Brasco)}

Joey Massino - still in control (Supposedly )



The Luchese Family
120 to 130 members
Boss: Vittorio "Vic" Amuso, 70
Underboss :Vacant

Gaetano Reina - 1930

Gaetano Gagliano - 1930-1953

Gaetano "Thomas" Luchese - 1953-1967

Carmine Tramunti - 1967 - 7 years, than prison

Anthony Corallo "Tony Ducks" - 1986 died

Vittorio Amuso - 1992, RICO

Alphonse "Little Al" D'Arco

Joe DeFrede

The DeCavalcante Family

The DeCavalcante Family
40 to 50 members
Boss: Giovanni "John" Riggi, 79
Underboss :Vacant

Now The Decavalcante Family was never as powerful as the other families that you have just read above, nor are they given the proper respects. But they took care of business, by killing an informer for the John Gotti or Don The Teflon. And of course they talked too much and were not very wise like wise-guys are supposed to be, and so they got caught by the F.B.I.


The Commission - This is Supposedly The National ruling body of "La Costra Nostra". And Usually It Will Have anywhere from 9 to 12 bosses.

Capo Crimini - Boss or "Don". Now This Would The Big Honcho Or The # 1 Boss Of The Mafia Family

Consigliere - Now This is the power behind the Throne, as he is a Friend, a knoledgeable advisor or family counselor.

Capo Bastone or Sotto Capo - This would be the Gangster Next In line, and who sometimes becomes impatient and want to take out the Boss, like Gotti did. But he is "underboss", second in command.

Contabile - And that would be the Accountant, The Investor, The money Launderer, The financial advisor.

Caporegime - You have heard of the word Captain, and this would be the guy who would get to report to the underboss. And he heads a faction of about 10 foot soldiers.

Sgarrista - This is the guy that you would do all the digging, or the heavy lifting of the body in the trunk. He is the mule, and he has to pay his dues, do as he's told and keep his mouth shot. And he is a foot soldier {carries out the usual "business" of the mafia}. Then hopefully one day when the books are opened, he will be looked at for a promotion.

Giovane D'honore - Now this is the guy who is on the honor system. Like a friend of the family or mafia associate. But mostly non-italian, non-sicilian, nor a countryman, but he has a set of skills or contacts that are invaluable to the Mob.

So as you can now see, The Mob is a well organized institution, and they have gotten their hands into everything. So if you live in the big Cities and you big constructions going up, then The Mob is involved. If You see Union is being organized in a large corporation, then The Mafia's hand is in it, or if you have a big port in your city and you have a lot of containers, then chances The Mob is in it. And if you have Politicians, or Big Preachers in your City, then chances are The Mafia is giving them money, and got a say so into what they say. And this has become a way of life, just like Apple Pie is American. So For You, just keep your head clean, and don't try to be a wise guy or a WannaBe, or even act tough just because somebody steps on your shoes. Unless you have the kind of protection that The Mob Offers. So Beware. Your Legal Advocate, James Dazouloute



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