The Mafia, Just How Did All This Get Started Anyway. By James Dazouloute

The Mafia, is a term that brings great fear into your heart whenever you hear it mentioned. Because the gentlemen who belong to this secretive society can do great bodily harm to your person, or they can force you to pay protection money for your own store and your own neighborhood, or they can make you disappear entirely if you get in their way. And although there are several different ethnic groups of the mafia, they all pretty much live by the same motto. To protect their interest, to influence political outcomes, to provide protection, to do violence to promote their cause, to not speak about their activities etc. But just how did the mafia got started?

Well it all started in Sicily, Italy, back in the late middle ages, where a group of men banded together and were hired as strong-arm enforcers by the local landowners in the country side. And the reason was due to the lack of effectiveness from their government, who were usually foreign, or very far from the country side, or were royal rulers. Either way the government cared very little about the peasants, the farmers and the poor people, and so they provided very little protection and enforcers of the laws. So these group of men ( The Mafia ), became the protectors of their community, they became the organizers of the code that their people should live by, they became the originators of a new way to show respect. And so came the name Mafia or the tile Cosa Nostra ( Our Affair ).

Also back in the 1920s and 1930s, the Mafia in Sicily caught the attention of the Italian Fascists, and they tried as hard as they could to destroy this group of men. But their secretive orders, as well as their ruthless ways allowed them to flourish regardless. And when the Allied invaded Italy during Wold War II, the Fascist Government fled, and the Mafia remained in control. As well they worked with the U.S. Military closely to continue on with their business of protecting and running their local community.

But the Mafia later on, became a secret criminal organization that wields a lot of economic and political control over their local communities, and then worldwide. And they set up some aspects of their organization to run as legitimate businesses, in order to launder the dirty money. And as the Mafia families emigrated to the the U.S. In the early 1900s, they quickly monopolized the trade of Bootleg Liquor, then parlayed into gambling, prostitution, loan sharking, murders, unsolicited criminal intimidation of businesses, along with all other criminal activities. And this is when they have completely lost credibility as a helpful group, which is not surprising, since all men are corrupt deep down inside.

And then came the Mafia agreements, where the different families, which by then encompassed all ethnic groups from the East to the West, established mutual recognized territories, and became known as Organized Crime. Where supposedly, one group would not do business in the other' s territory, and if one group did not care to participate, then negotiation or intimidation would take place. The very same way when the Mafia wants a Business Owner to pay them for protection.

Now there are different ways to be initiated in the Mafia families, as it all depends on the country where they're from and their belief system. But one thing always remained in common, they all have a code of Absolute Silence all the way up to the big boss. And some of the early Notable Big Mafia Families Were:

The Vito Genovese Family ・
With Vito Genovese as Big Boss, and Gerardo Catena as Under Boss

The Carlo Gambino Family -
With Carlo Gambino as Big Boss, and Joseph Biondo as Under Boss

The Gaetano Lucchese Family -

With Gaetano Lucchese as Big Boss, and Stefano Lasalle as Under Boss

The Giuseppe Magliocoo Family -
With Giueseppe Magliocco as Big Boss, and Salvatore Mussachio as Under Boss

The Joseph Bonanno Family -
With Joseph Bonanno as Big Boss, and Carmine Galante as Under Boss

And of course you had Paul Castellano as Boss Of Bosses. ( John Gotti' s Boss )

So with that you can see how the Mafia organization has evolved from one group of men standing up for their community and taking charge, to numerous Families ( Mafia Family comprised of its male members who are bound by Kinship, by becoming a member of the Family ) operating independently and focusing only on the agenda of their financial pockets. And anything or anyone who got in their way, are dealt with through negotiation, intimidation and murders. And the two most notorious Mafia Bosses were Al Capone and John Gotti, who both for a long time, eluded prosecution by the U.S. Government. So what is your experience with the Different Mafia Families?.



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