Stop Child Molestation, 7 Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe. By James Dazouloute

It is a sad day and deploring times when we cannot trust our kids to be safe any place, anywhere and with anyone. What do you look for in someone who may molest your child?, and where not to let them go to avoid them getting molested?. And how do you keep up accountability with your own family, so they will not molest kids?. My dear reader, child molestation the elephant in the room that everyone is avoiding and ignoring. It is a social issue that creates murderers, serial killers, rapists, prostitutes, and sometimes homosexuality in adulthood even. I intend to share with you seven tips on how to keep your kids safe, so their future will not be ruined.


First tip on child molestation is to begin at home.

Kids are much more likely to be molested at home parents and siblings, then they are by strangers. So what you have to do is create an accountability system, so that you yourself will not create an environment to invite molestation in any form. Because you have to remember when someone molests a child, is because of a sickness in the mind, where their perception is all twisted because of exposure to certain lifestyles, or even because they themselves have been a victim of it. So first step is you have to expose it by openly talking about it and share very strongly your opposition to it. And the legal remedies would seek against anyone and everyone who would molest your child. Expose it, open it up to your loved ones and siblings for discussions, so that everyone is on the same page.


Second tip to keep your kids safe from molestation is to be very observant of how anyone play with your kids in actions, words, and even jokes. Remember out of the heart the mouth speaks, and every action comes from the inside of us. So be vigilant by looking for bells and alarms on how a father, mother, brother, sister, baby sitter play with, jokes and touches your kids. And if there is an alarm, do not go overboard because it might be a misunderstanding; rather expose it, discuss it and openly seek ways to clear it up right away.

Third tip on keeping kids safe is not to let your kids spend time with just anyone alone, you must know them and observe their habits. We do what is inside us, and if you squeeze a sponge whatsoever is in it will come out. How many times do you go back on a situation and start realizing all the bells, signs and alarms were there and you just did not care to look. so please look at everyone first, friends, neighbors, family, acquaintances and you will see what is in them. Sickness or healthy mind.

Fourth tip on child molestation: children over 3 years old, start teaching them good and bad places to touch, and also start teaching them how to openly talk to you about what happened all day and with whom. Now again, do not go overboard and crazy, you should always investigate first and have discussions before start making accusations, or calling authorities even calling your law firm. You must learn to differentiate between innocent touch, and purposeful inappropriate way of touching.


Fifth tip is to start teaching your kids and ways to react, and what to do and where not to go in public. Start teaching them responses to strangers approach, or how to react to someone touching them. Also who to talk to and who not to talk to; and what to accept and not accept?. The teacher is you always first and foremost, in any possible molestation situation. You have to be proactive and get involved in your kids life and activities, to oversee what is taking place and with whom.


Sixth tip to keep your kids safe is to have accountability. Again, when someone spends time with your kids without you, let them know plainly that you will be discussing what happened in that day or in that time from the kids perspective; as to what games were played, what was said, how were things done, where did they go and when?. Posing these key questions to your kids in a pleasant way will keep you abreast of any developments taking place.


Seventh tip is you must keep a law firm on retainer, especially one that deals with child abuse and molestation cases. You must have them on hand to call and talk to about scenarios that you observe or that were reported to you, so you can know what legal remedies you have. Your law firm / attorney help and protect you in obtaining a restraining order, or filing a sex offender report, and any other valuable steps to take to safeguard your kids.

So dear reader this is just a very basic course on ways to keep protecting your kids from molestation and any other violation. For we gave them life and are responsible for them.  Your Life Advocate, James Dazouloute



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