Stolen Identity, See The Miseries And Troubles They Cause You. By James Dazouloute

Your stolen identitycan cause you miseriesfar beyond what you can dream of or imagine. Your stolen identity miseries begin with your credit information and end with your passport information being stolen. Your stolen identity miseries be boxed-up into 5 categories. I'll explain briefly the first 3:

1. Credit information
Your credit bureau information can cause you "" Stolen identity miseries ""someone or an employee at a place of business use information theft. For example you go to a restaurant and dine with your loved ones and hand the server your credit card and he / she goes in the back for 5 minutes or more, what are they doing?. Or you apply at a car dealership for a car loan and get denied, yet they keep all your paperwork and an employee uses that information to get a bank account or a credit card in your name. How do you monitor and stay on top of these things?.

2. Driver's license information-

Your driver's license information can cause stolen identity miseries someone hacks into the D.M.V. (Department Of Motor Vehicles) files, and or DMV employees themselves, sell your good driver's license information, like they were doing here in Georgia, at the Lithonia D.M.V. branch for $500.00 a pop. So, say someone didn't pay their child support and get their License canceled or they have a D.W.I (driving while impaired), and their License got suspended. Now they want to get a job, like making deliveries, and they need a new license. So they pay $500.00 and get a new license with your information, but their picture is on it, and now they're driving around in another state with your good license and parking anywhere racking-up tickets; and speeding everywhere racking - up big fines. And since you have never been in that state or have not been pulled over in 2 years, you would never know. And one day, bam, you get pulled over. How do you stop the officer from handcuffing you because of the open warrant out on you?.

So You Need To Have A Plan Today, And this is why I recommend you begin with Lifelock right now... First 30 Days are Free, so what's the problem?

3. Passport And Visas
You are a U.S. citizen have a valid passport good for 10 years and can travel anywhere to any country that the U.S. has an agreement with, (95% of the world). But a foreigner comes illegally and have a wife or two back home along with 7 children; and he needs to get back home. Again, for a lousy $500.00 he can get a passport with all your information, but his picture on it, to get in and out of the country as many as 10 times a year transporting drugs or networking as part of a terrorist cell, and goes into the FBI watched list. Now you decide to go on a vacation one day to a hot tourist spot and you go through custom, and before you know it you go from being thrilled to being drilled. Do you have a plan on how to handle it?. Or do you have $10,000.00 to $15,000.00 to pay a great lawyer who is not afraid to take on the FBI?.

Dear reader of mine, I do not tell you these things to scare you on how stolen identity cause miseries; but this is happening everyday. Good, honest people are going to jail for stuff they have no clue about. You and I have to protect ourselves. We can't do it by spending every hour monitoring our credit, our license, or social security number, our passport and even our medical information. But we can easily join with others right now who have the same needs by signing up for a complete identity theft plan restoration. All with Reputable Companies for less than 50 cents a day. Just Do A Search Online Right Now, And You Will Have Your Pick Of Many Great Companies That Will Help You Today.... All About Your Life, James Dazouloute

So You Need To Have A Plan Today, And this is why I recommend you begin with Lifelock right now... First 30 Days are Free, so what's the problem?



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