Spiritual Gifts, How Do You Know What It Is. By James Dazouloute

Spiritual gifts are bestowed upon you before you even arrived in this physical realm, by your Creator who sent you here with a purpose and a mission to accomplish. I mean dear friend, just look around you, no being who is living here on earth, animal or person, is here without a reason. And whatsoever their purpose is to be here, they are equipped with a set of spiritual gifts to get the job done, and two, with a set of spiritual endowment to procreate and to protect themselves if need be. Also even us puny humans, we do create things such as cars, computers and other machines; and yet we bless them with the tools they need to get the job done for whatever purpose we created them. And not a microwave, a car or a computer was just made to be sitting there with no reason to be, or never to be used. So we do agree that we all were created for a purpose, and we all do have spiritual gifts that were given to us by God to accomplish that purpose. But how do you know what your spiritual gift is?

Let us explore your spiritual gifts together. First of all, what is it you are passionate about?. And no matter how corky or off the wall you and everyone else may think it is, that is the beginning of your many super natural gifts and you have a purpose for that gift that is beyond your comprehension.

And second of all, ask yourself what is it that you would do for free, even if no one paid you a dime or worst, they will not even say thank you. What is inside you that makes you jump for joy and filled with fulfillment, each and every time you do it. It just floods your heart with contentment and fits in just right with who you are. And that my friend is the second way of how you know what your spiritual gift is.

Third way of knowing your spiritual gifts is to give yourself time to develop into your more mature gifts. Remember King David, though he was called to be king during King Saul reign, he had to develop first by confronting a lion and be victorious, then a giant and conquer; and finally many times into battle to fully mature into his spiritual gift of being a great warrior for God. So some of your spiritual gifts will be very evident to you at a young age, while the rest of your many gifts you have to grow into. Again look at the Prophet Jeremiah in reference to his spiritual gift and purpose, God said I knew you while you were still in your mother ' s womb and I called you to be a Prophet, a bringer of the word, to my people. But he had to wait until he was older to begin walking in his spiritual gifts.

Now it is extremely important that you realize dear reader, that there are a very many gifts that were given to us, God ' s favorite creation. And like the Apostle Paul had taught us, there are some who have one gift and others who were given multiple gifts. So it is wise not to mock or be envious of someone who is very good at doing something you are not. And just because you may not see a good use for their talent, it does not mean that God does not have great plans for that person. I mean look at a Television and open it up, do you know what each tiny part is for, and yet they are all needed so the Television could come on and do all the tricks you want it to do. And look at all the small critters around you, and do you know what the ant is there for, or the cow dung, or the earth worm?. And yet they each have a function to make the whole earth function properly.

And last thing to know about what your spiritual gifts is, you have to find mentors that God will place in your life along the way, and listen to their teaching and them pointing out to you your spiritual gifts and great qualities that you may not even be aware of. Trust God to provide new mentors as you need them, because he is going to move you from each level of your life. And do remember that everything is for a season, so do not grow attach to one person or one age in your life. You are on a mission, and you have started from point A and you must reach point B. Your Spiritual Advocate, James Dazouloute

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