Signs Of Stress... Top Ten Signs That You And Your Health Are Under Great Stress. By James Dazouloute

Signs Of Stres... Are there as bells and alarms to quickly force you to do some things to improve your health and bring back happiness into your life? Because the body was not created to be unhappy, it was not created to be out of sync, and it certainly was not created to be living in fear and anxiety. And when you are stressed, all your main Chakras or energy centers are out of balance, and you tend to lose all your focus, all your energy, all your reasons to live. And the saddest and most harmful part of this, is when you are not even aware that you are under great stress because of an unexpected event in your life. So today I will share the top ten signs of stress, that put your entire body completely under attack. And how to deal with each one.

First top sign of stress: Increased Anger.

When you find yourself getting extremely angry for any little thing that takes place around you, then you are under stress. So what you have to do each time you are angry, is to take a minute solo and breathe deeply to reduce the pressure within your blood at this time.

Second way you are stressed: Sweaty Hands.

If your hands are always dry, and you are about to speak to someone and your hands are getting sweaty, then you are under stress. So you must take your mind to a place where you are in control, and other people are mindful of you.

Third sign of great stress: Frequent Urination.

When you find yourself constantly going to the bathroom, but usually you do not have a bladder issue, and you have not just drunk 6 cups of water, then you are under stress. It is your mind focusing it's attention on the issue you are facing, and not giving the right orders to that area of your body. So you have to take a few minutes and do some meditation, in picturing you are at the beach and the waves are calmed, and all you hear is the sound of your heart beating.

Fourth symptom that you are stressed: Constipation Or Diarrhea.

When you are going too often, like 5 times in one day. Or you have not gone in 2 days, then you are under stress. So once again, it all goes back to your deep breathing and relaxing your mind and body. So you could put all your body parts back in order.


Fifth sign of stress: Panic Attacks.

Out of nowhere you start to panic and you can't breathe, or you are scrambling around your house or office space like a mouse that is trapped, then you are under stress. So just stop, and put some relaxing music on, or your favorite love song and just relax.

Sixth way that you are stressed: Frequent Headaches.

You constantly have pounding headaches, or tension headaches and even occasional migraines. But you did not miss a couple of meals to lower your sugar level, you did not bump your head, and you did not sleep the wrong way. Then you are under stress. So you must start doing some stretch exercises, and you must massage your temple and your neck to relieve pressure.

Seventh top sign of being under great stress: Stuttering.

If you find yourself flipping your eyelids real fast, and your tongue is tied, and the words you want to speak are all in your mind but not coming out verbally at all; then you are under stress. So you must take your time and slow down your excitement or your frustration.

Eighth way to know that you are stressing: Frequent Colds.

If you hardly ever get sick, and now you are catching a new cold every week. And you are sneezing, you are itching, you have a runny nose, and you have a slight fever. Then you are under stress. So you must give yourself some bed rest, and take time to sleep, and stop thinking about the current issue, instead put on your favorite movie.

Ninth sign of being under great stress: Allergy attacks.

Most people are allergic to something. But the allergy will not show up unless it is triggered by doing something. But when you are having allergy attacks for no reason at all, then you are under stress. So once again, take the time to relax your body, to massage your body, to exercise a little and to refurbish yourself.

Tenth way that you know you are under stress: Chest Pain And Palpitations.

When your chest is hurting and you did not swallow an apple whole, or you did not just try to bench press 400 pounds, then you are under stress. Your blood and the oxygen that you need so badly are not forthcoming, and your heart is not pumping the way it should, then you are under stress. So relax, start to breathe in deeply, and do your stretch exercises. And then call your Doctor to make sure there is no other cause, like an oncoming heart attack.

So by now dear friend, you have gotten a grasp of what signs of stress are. And I can not tell you enough, that you must ensure that you do not fall under stress. Since you already know from me that: Nothing has any meaning, except the meaning that you give to it. So stop giving so much meaning to the silly things that take place in your life, since when you were born you did it alone, and you came in with nothing. And when you die it will be the same way. So live by this motto and you will always end up laughing at all things that take place in your life.


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