Shopping Online - Top 10 Best Money Saving Tips. By James Dazouloute

Shopping online is the greatest way to save money for you and your family. You will get the best prices, because the stores do not have as much overhead online as they have in their physical stores; such as: lights, cleaners, phones, water, salespeople, floor managers, security, alarm, and rent. So you see, Shopping online is a winning situation for you and the seller, and just imagine this: if that were you and you were selling something in your store or in the street with employees and rent and driving; what price would you have?. And then you are selling online with just a picture and information of item, which price would be cheaper?. So with that said my dear reader, I am going to give you the highly guarded secrets of the top 10 best money saving tips for shopping online.

1. When shopping online, try to look for the floor models and or clearance sections, there you can get up to 60% off the regular price; plus if there is a sale you can rack up another 10 - 15% off, which will save you a bundle.

2. When shopping online second best money saving tip is, you don't have to pay sales tax in most states online. That will save you anywhere from $10 to $1000.00, depending on the price of the item, especially a refrigerator or flat screen TV. So why would you want to go inside a store and pay an additional 6 - 10 percent sales tax. You are trying to save money on top of saving money.

3. Third best money saving tip for shopping online is, usually you will get free shipping on your orders; especially during holidays or heavy sales period. That along with the tax that you do not have to pay will save you a bundle, and save you stress. And also receive your package in guaranteed good condition.

4. Fourth money saving tip When shopping online is, you shop from the comfort of your home. No need to pay for dry cleaning, then get dress, then put gas in car and drive, then find parking, and then only to have sore feet walking in the mall or plaza, and get rude services by salespeople. So you save more money in all these areas, and save yourself from stress.

5. Fifth best tip for saving money shopping online is: they can ship directly to your house, no need to drag item and then try to load it up securely so it won't fall out like you see with those mattresses on top of cars. And they can also drop ship to another person as a gift. Also no chance of you getting mugged in the parking lot , and after you fight to get home then you have to spend money to wrap gift, then drive to post office and finally pay for shipping the item.

6. Shopping online sixth best money saving tip: look for overstocked items, there you can offer to buy two or more (Stocking up early for birthdays, Christmas) by emailing their customer service manager and asking for an even greater discount. They will be eager to accommodate you as a bulk shopper and repeat customer.

7. Seventh best money saving tip for shopping online: become a " preferred customer ", usually they will assign you a member number after you just provide your name and email address. They will send you special offers and invitations to their event and big sales, and even sometimes have a particular time set aside for you to shop online with extra discount before they allow the public to shop. Which all will save you and your family big money.

8. Online stores most of the times will have a different and better price online then they have in their stores, usually around 10 to 15% discount. Because they want to encourage you to shop online to build up their online presence, because they are trying to go global. So shop online to save more.

9. For shopping online ninth best money saving tip is: if you have a small website or if you are online frequently then become one of their affiliates. You do that by looking down at the bottom of the store ' s website and look for " Affiliate ". And just click on that to join the company in their efforts to put the word out there, by telling your friends where to come shop at. Most are free and some charge a small fee, and they will give you either an exact replica of their website as your own page, or just give you a code to use; all to track your sales and pay you. And you can use that affiliate to still do your own shopping, so you can get the sales price they have, and you get to 10 to 15 percent kickbacks they pay you. Double savings.

10. Tenth best money making tip for shopping online is : instead of looking for sales at each particular store and typing each address, use an " Online Shopping Mall ". Just like you do not want to burn gas and drive all around town to 10 different stores,
you just simply go the local mall and get all your shopping done to save time, energy and money. Usually these " Online Shopping Malls" will have around 1300 stores or more on their website and they will have made arrangements with most or all of these stores, (Your favorite stores you regularly shop at), to give their shoppers even more extra discounts, which could add up to 50% off, by going through them every time just like a physical mall. So always do all your online shopping through an " Online Shopping Mall " or " Online Shopping Portal " so you can save even more.

And as an added thought you could also join Those Online Shopping Malls as their affiliate, by paying a fee and they would give you your very own online shopping mall. Do the math, you get discounts from stores for shopping in their online store, you get sales price discount, you get to save on taxes, you get to save most times on free shipping, you get back door discounts as their preferred customer. And finally to wrap it up, use and join up one of those online shopping malls and get all that you need from one website and make money as an affiliate of those online shopping malls ( even if they charge a fee to join, you get that money back with your first set of shopping, and because you join as a biz it will be tax deductible for you along with most of your future shopping ), so you can even do more shopping for you and your family. Your Money Saving Tips Advocate, James Dazouloute

So my dear reader, I tried to give you all the best secrets for free without charge, because I care about you and your pockets and that makes me feel great.   And if you need more ways to shop and save for the rest of your life, then this Book is what You need Right Now: What You Did Not Know About Shopping And Saving:

 What You did not know about shopping and saving. A Book By James Dazouloute
 What You Did Not Know About Shopping And Saving. A Book By James Dazouloute

    EBOOK VERSION... PDF Format - You Can Download Right Now And Begin Reading:

 What you did not know about shopping and saving. A Book by James Dazouloute
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James  Dazouloute
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PAPERBACK VERSION.... Ships In 2 Days - Because there is no greater feeling than to hold a Book like this in Your Hands and connect with it to make notes, to flip the pages, to bookmark pages, to give as a gift of knowledge, and to place under your pillow so Your mind can retain all the new knowledge while sleeping:

“What You Did Not Know About Shopping And Saving” is a Book Written just for You. Because Shopping is Living, and Shopping is a way of life, also Shopping is Survival, and additionally Shopping is the way to Financial Success. 

All because you already know that in order to live in this big world, you have to shop for your food, even for the seeds to plant in order to have food. You have to shop for your water, your car, your luxury items, your house, your hair, your body, your mind – elevation and you must even shop the right ways and be a good steward if you want to obey God.

So this Great Book about Shopping, is as fitting as a pair of gloves, and as normal as brushing your teeth, and even as normal as the need for a healthy lifestyle. And in this book you are about to find out How To Shop And Save on all the little things that you will ever need in life. And not only that, you will be shown what to look, where to go, and how to bargain so that your dollar can be stretched to the Moon, and that way you will never make dumb purchases and then have to return them.

This Book is also a Collection of my many writings that have been published, along with many new ones. And these are the best ones that have helped my readers to gain knowledge on what to buy and how to be an Expert at all the most bought items for living this life.

And this Book has easy to read information about all that you will ever need to know to be The Best Shopper, to get your kids involved in Shopping, and then to help build your financial strength, which will, beyond the shadow of a doubt, forces you to become the strongest and smartest Shopper in the world, and the most resourceful and non-wasting of Earth resources Person ever.


 What You Did Not Know About Shopping And Saving. A Book By James Dazouloute

   EBOOK VERSION... PDF Format - You Can Download Right Now And Begin Reading:

Generic cover image
James  Dazouloute
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PAPERBACK VERSION.... Ships In 2 Days - Because there is no greater feeling than to hold a Book like this in Your Hands and connect with it to make notes, to flip the pages, to bookmark pages, to give as a gift of knowledge, and to place under your pillow so Your mind can retain all the new knowledge while sleeping:

Table Of Contents

Chapter 01. Table Of Contents
Chapter 02. Where Is My Money So I Can Shop... A Poem.
Chapter 03. How To Get Rich... Top 3 Easy Ways To Do It.
Chapter 04. How To Build Wealth, And Then Go Shopping... Top 7 Ways To Do It Easily.
Chapter 05. Lottery Systems, Very Easy Ways To Win The Lotto And Have Plenty To Go Shopping. 
Chapter 06. Saving Money On Food... The Main Reason Why You Must. 
Chapter 07. How To Save Tips, 25 Easy And Free Things You Can Do Today To Save A Lot
Chapter 08. Online Grocery Coupons, 5 Easy Ways To Get Them
Chapter 09. Save Money, But This Is Crazy How Some People Go To Extremes
Chapter 10. 5 Best Things To Always Do When Shopping.
Chapter 11. Shopping Online - Top 10 Best Money Saving Tips
Chapter 12. Be Prepared, Shop For These 7 Main Things To Be A Great Prepper For Disasters.
Chapter 13. Homes Foreclosure, Tips To Buy Them Cheap And Add Value To The Market
Chapter 14. Cheap Ways To Remodel Your House, 5 Quick And Easy Tips
Chapter 15. Buy A Dog, Using all The Right Methods And Find Your Best Friend Fast
Chapter 16. Plan A Wedding, 5 Easy Ways To Save 
Chapter 17. Wedding Nightmares, 7 Easy Tips To Avoid Them
Chapter 18. Shop For House... See Why You Must Be A Homeowner.
Chapter 19. Shop For Blinds, Learn What To Look For And How To Get The Best Deals For Your House.
Chapter 20. Wineglasses For Your House.... 5 Types To Look For.
Chapter 21. Custom Wigs... Just How Many Ways Can You Wear Them.
Chapter 22. Great Hair... 4 Things To Shop For That Great Hairstyle.
Chapter 23. Wigs Hair Extensions, How To Shop For Them To Be Beautiful
Chapter 24. Shop For Earrings... Learn The Different Kinds You Will Need.
Chapter 25. Plastic Surgery... A Basic Understanding.
Chapter 26. Shop For Jewelry Online... Top 3 Places.
Chapter 27. Pearl Jewelry, Why Do We Love And Treasure The Possession Of The Oysters?
Chapter 28. Shop For Diamonds... Then You Must See What This Emperor Had.
Chapter 29. Shop For Make up... 4 Main Reasons Why You Must.
Chapter 30. Shop For Beauty... These Things Will Help Your Beautiful Face.
Chapter 31. Shopping For Shoes, How And Where To Get The Best Deals 
Chapter 32. Shop For Stockings... That Are Super Sexy And Turn Heads Today.
Chapter 33. Shave Razor, 5 Easy And Proper Ways To Shave So You Could Go Shopping.
Chapter 34. Oscar Dresses...Easy Ways To Shop For Those Dresses And Save.
Chapter 35. Emmy Award... And The Beautiful Oscar Dresses.
Chapter 36. Shop For Lipstick... What To look For To Be The Most Seductive Woman Ever.
Chapter 37. Money... Why Do You Control My Life So Much ? 
Chapter 38. Shop For Books... Because Of These Reasons.
Chapter 39. Shopping For Graduation, Best Tips To Give Great Gifts
Chapter 40. Shop For Summer... Here Is Why. 
Chapter 41. Shopping For Kids, How To Get Them Involved In Your Everyday Shopping
Chapter 42. Shopping For Life Insurance, What To Look For And Do I Need Life Insurance
Chapter 43. Hurricane Survival Guide, All That You Need To Know And Buy To Save Your Family
Chapter 44. Shop For Car... These 3 Reasons You Must Know.
Chapter 45. How To Save Money To Buy A Car... Top 5 Ways Just For You.
Chapter 46. I Need A Car... Top 3 Steps To Shop For And Buy The Best Car.
Chapter 47. How To Buy A Car Online, Easy Buying Tips For Great Deals.
Chapter 48. Shop For Love... I Show You Why You Must For Great Romance.
Chapter 49. Shop For Lover... For The Holidays.
Chapter 50. Shop For Valentine... With The Right Frame Of Mind And Heart
Chapter 51. Shop For Gifts... Top 5 That Your Loved Ones Will Truly Appreciate.
Chapter 52. Holiday shopping, And The Best Ways To Save On Shopping.
Chapter 53. Shop Online... 4 Things To Shop For To Make A Great Outfit.
Chapter 54. Shop For Art... First Find Out Which Kind Of Art Buyer Are You.
Chapter 55. Home Shopping Network, How To Shop And Save A lot Of Money With Them.
Chapter 56. Medicine Cabinet... What To Shop For. 
Chapter 57. Go Shopping... But First Lose Weight Healthy, And Keep It Off In 5 Easy Tips
Chapter 58. Sale Sporting Goods, And How To Buy Fitness Items On TV In 5 Easy Steps
Chapter 59. Golf Shopping... Top 3 places To Shop For Your Golf Equipment.
Chapter 60. Shop For Health... Here Are 5 Items That You Can Not Do Without.
Chapter 61. Recipes From Famous Restaurants, Easy Tips On How To Get Them Cheap
Chapter 62. Shop For Music... Here Is Why You Must.
Chapter 63. How To Shop For A Laptop... In 3 Easy Steps.
Chapter 64. Shop For Electronics... Top 3 Reasons Why You Must.
Chapter 65. Shop Video Cameras... Here Are 5 Things You Must Always Look For.
Chapter 66. Shop For Business... Here Is Why You Must Have Your Own.
Chapter 67. Give Me Your Money... Says The One Percent. A Poem.
Chapter 68. The Elevator... The Energy It Saves You When Shopping.
Chapter 69. Shopping... How Not To Save Any Money When Shopping In 7 Easy Steps?. 
Chapter 70. How To Save Money Shopping... 3 Easy Ways To Do It Online.
Chapter 71. Ways To Be Frugal... Here Are The Best Seven.
Chapter 72. Preppers... How To Shop For Everything That You Love
Chapter 73. Shop For... End Of The World ( Maybe ).
Chapter 74. Get Money Money Money... A Poem.
Chapter 75. I Love Shopping... A Poem. 
Author Biography And Other Books By Author
Closing Words By Author:

 What You Did Not Know About Shopping And Saving. A Book By James Dazouloute

   EBOOK VERSION... PDF Format - You Can Download Right Now And Begin Reading:

Generic cover image
James  Dazouloute
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PAPERBACK VERSION.... Ships In 2 Days - Because there is no greater feeling than to hold a Book like this in Your Hands and connect with it to make notes, to flip the pages, to bookmark pages, to give as a gift of knowledge, and to place under your pillow so Your mind can retain all the new knowledge while sleeping:


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