Shave Razor, 5 Easy And Proper Ways To Shave. By James Dazouloute

Shaving with a Razor will always leave you smooth, desirable and sexy. To shave with a razor whether as a lady or a man, the same rules do apply. You have to remember that shaving will leave you feeling clean and enjoyable for your mate, and even make you look presentable at work. To shave razor properly, you must know what it is you want to accomplish at all times. Is it to keep your face smooth for 8 hours, or your legs super smooth for a whole week?. Is it a hot date or just part of your look as maintenance. I intend, my dear reader to share with you in 5 easy tips all the proper ways to shave.

First way to shave with a razor is, you must have a stimulation for your face or your legs. so first thing to do is relax your hair follicles by rubbing them or washing with warm water for a good 30 seconds. And begin to apply a great shaving cream, and I did say great. The shaving cream is 50% of the shaving process, and you do not want the cheapest brand you can find because it is all soap. You want the best brand because it has the soap, conditioner and moisturizer all in one for you to shave. Do apply the cream liberally, because it will be the protectant between your face and the sharp razor. And the shaving cream will allow a smooth run of the razor and also create the smoothness and non irritability you are looking for.

For the second best way to shave with a razor, it is at night, and why?. Because when you finish shaving you will be going to sleep, and when you do your immune system is rejuvenating and good blood cells go out to start rebuilding and repairing. If you have a cut or a bump, this is the time for your body to heal it, restore it and take it back to being smooth. For you to shave and get the best results you must be consistent as well, and place your body clock in order just like sleep. Start shaving at about the same time and your body will learn and then reward you with nice smooth skin.

Please do not razor shave with a super sharp razor, like the ones you buy as a pack of 10 for 99 cents. Or shave with a dull razor, because both of them will give you bumps, rashes and irritation. Again do not buy the cheapest brand, but buy the ones who have 3 to 5 strips with soap and mosturizer activated, for those ones will leave you smooth for a long time. Also you see, shaving with those one blade super sharp razors will give too close a shave and break the skin, and if you apply too hard these shave razors will peel off some skin; but the 3 to 5 strips ones you can pass though an area one time, it is as if you were passing there 3 to 5 times.

Bad razors will cause you to have rashes, and super smooth razors will cause you irritations. For too close a shave will go deep under the skin and cause a reaction. So do get a good razor and when you shave please go with the flow of the hair layout. Just look at your hair grow and in which direction, do not go against the grain as it will cause you discomfort.

Fourth easy ways to razor shave is to not apply too much lotion after shaving, even better leave it dry for a while. Please understand my dear friend, that each time you shave you have just cut yourself in a thousand little microscopic pieces. Your naked eyes can not see it except for the big cuts, and at this point all your pores are open and bleeding under the hair follicles inside. And while your skin is being repaired underneath by the blood cells, it also needs fresh oxygen so do not block air and clog up your pores with lotion that is filled with oil. And if your pores can not breathe by all the oil, it will cause a bubble which is a pimple. And then you will have to go and buy " Proactive " to help you. Do not waste your money, just razor shave properly.

Fifth easy way to shave razor properly and to have a smooth skin, is not to be overly touching your legs or your face within 30 minutes of shaving. Remember the pores that are open?. Also to have smooth skin please get plenty of rest, remember as we sleep our body heals itself and restore all things to original. And why do you think when you are hospitalized you get plenty of bed rest?. And please, please drink plenty of water continuously, because water cleanses and flushes everything, just like in your bathtub, toilet and in the ocean. So drink water to wash away fat, bad molecules from air, bad germs and bacteria you eat, along with bad things you allow to enter into your body like, kissing with saliva or having unprotected sex and drinking tap water. All these things will build up germs inside you along with chemicals. Again to have smooth and clear skin before and afer you razor shave, drink plenty of water daily.

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