Sell Comic Books, With These 5 Ways To Riches. By James Dazouloute

Sell comic books and the way to riches are within your grasp my dear friend, for a lot of people are looking for places to invest their money and get a good return. Especially now that there is hardly a good investment out there, because the stock market keeps falling, the oil stocks are having trouble, and the housing market has been in shambles for years. And people who are doing bad are looking for anything inside their attic that they could sell to make ends meet, and also hoping to find a hidden treasure that will make them a millionaire and solve their financial problems. And your comic books offer a relief and hope to all these people, so let us explore all that you can do with all those comic books and ways for you to get rich.

Buying books is just as high as buying music for us humans, for we need Books to entertain us and make us smarter, and we need music to soothe us and put us in much better moods. And buying comic books have seen a great increase in the past few years, especially with all those great movies that are being made from them. And even people who did not care for comic books at all are buying them in great quantities, after they have looked at a great comic book movie. So position yourself dear friend to capitalize on that market and sell comic books for great riches.

So First way to sell comic books is to realize that the people who are very interested in buying will be cautious, because they know that investing into anything can be quite tricky. And they also know that they can easily not recoup their full investment, so when you sell comic books do have an approach that will be first and foremost for teaching people, and showing them how badly needed your books are and you will see your way to riches. Also everyone is looking for that one valuable comic book, so the older your comic books are, the rarer they become and the more riches you will attain. So start dusting off the oldest comic books, and please do not try to repair them yourself, because that will quickly devalue them. Instead just dust them off, and start making a list of all that you have with the name of the comic book, the year it was made, the issue number and what condition would you grade it. And finally on that list, the price you are looking to get for each comic book, and that will be after you do your research of course.

Second step to sell comic books and have your way to riches, is to examine the condition of each comic book carefully and write on your list things like: coffee marks on the pages, any particular pages torn, any pages missing, any wrinkled pages and any bad smell to the comic book. Because people who are looking to buy your books, will be looking for all of those things and more, as experts will tell them to. And in the better condition your comic books are, the higher the riches they will bring to you. So have all that written down in your list, because you will be selling your comic books online for a greater audience. Remember the Internet is global, 4 billion people are online, and they are all shoppers waiting for you to take great pictures of those comic books with your digital camera, and placing them online so they could start paying you.

Another way to sell your comic books is to look to price guides for help, so go online and do a search for that so you could start pricing up your inventory. Because you want to stay with the market, and you do not want to be selling comic books, or cars, or anything else and you 're way below or above market. And since your buyers are going to be looking at price guides as well, it only makes sense for you to be on point. And if the price guides are sitting well with the prices you had in mind, you may want to include a link to them underneath your comic books in your website. Remember, the better condition your comic books are in, the higher you can go above the price guides and set a record. All to facilitate your way to reaches and help you move as many comic books as possible.

Additionally, keep in mind that 90% of the comic books that sellers are moving are worthless, and yet people buy them anyway. So elevate yourself by providing all the information we talked about above to your buyers, and clear pictures, because the comic book you once thought was just junk compared to the other issues, maybe because the art work was flawed, or the story line was just sorry. And that issue could be just the one that tickles someone else 's fancy, and to them it may have been the greatest issue. So please my friend remember the old saying that one man 's junk is another man 's gold. Or that comic book issue may just be the only one that your buyer is missing from their collection, and once you fully describe it, along with placing a good 5 to 8 pictures of it online, you will be surprised how quickly your buyer will jump on your price.

And if your collection is say for 5 years straight, then you would have a great collection, so you must begin to put them in the proper and category. And that way you can easily find them, and you can know exactly what you have, what you have sold, and what you have left. And also do organize them in volumes and issues, because believe me people will call you or send you email, about a particular volume and issue.

And so dear reader, you now have a pretty good idea on how to sell comic books, and have your way to riches. But remember too that you must have a great website, meaning you have to have as many pictures as possible for each issue, a great description with good information, and your price guides to help get the most for your comic books. Always start high, and if you see you are not getting too many offers, then you can lower your price. But you do not want to start low and when the rush is coming in, and now you decide to jack up the price, and then you will make no sales at all. Also do use EBay, Craigslist, Usfreeads, and others to put your comic books up for sale; but always place a link back to your website to increase your customer base. Sell, sell, sell. Your Biz Advocate, James Dazouloute



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