Quotes On Life.... Why You Should Live By Them. By James Dazouloute


Quotes On Life.. Because they all will help you, and because they possess Great Truth that you need to get to the next level of your life. And you have to take time and be amazed as to how, what was true thousands of years ago, even after so many have put it through all the tests and have twisted it in so many ways to fit their own perverse plan, that this truth still stands, and still proves itself to be self evident. And so Quotes On Life are there to confirm Truths that have stood the test of time, and are still standing even now during this time of Societal Confusion, and will still be standing for the next generation long after you are gone. So begin today to embrace them, begin to make Truth your twin and shadow, and one great way to learn truth is from the quotes on life that many who have great wisdom and experience have shared with you.

Also, whenever you hear or read a Quote made by other Great Persons, you should always take the time to reflect on them, and you should never just ignore the powerful and invincible words of truth that are placed in front of you. Because nothing is an accident, nothing is a coincidence, and nothing is to be ignored. Since if something is placed in your path, it is there at the right time and at the right place Just For You. Because for every single thing you need, The Creator and His Universe will provide it for you each day, at the right time and at the right intersection of your life.

So Quotes On Life.
Are for you to take from them what apply to you for today, and leave the rest for tomorrow when you arrive there. Because you already know that you must live for today, doing the tasks that must be done today, and taking the time to enjoy all of today using all great truths from all the quotes on life. And for each day that you are victorious, you will quickly realize that you are slowly but surely moving toward Greatness, toward becoming a Leader within your circles, toward being the best at what you do. And so do allow those quotes on life to help you, to propel you to your destiny and to defeat all the evils of negativity that are always trying to slow you down by discouraging your mind, and suggesting for you to give up the truth and follow Society. Not You Beloved, not now, not ever.... Your Life Advocate, James Dazouloute

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