Online Dating, 5 Ways To Be Safe. By James Dazouloute

Online date or dating is exciting and yet strange, we do it because love is unavoidable, it is something that we were made with. Love is what our mother had for us to carry us for 9 months in the womb, and from a seed to a fetus then to a baby we were shown love, affection and nurturing, and even received protection. So naturally as we enter adulthood, we seek it, we need it, and we have to have some form of love; pure or perverted. So how do you find love online?. How do you make sure you do not go begging for a nightmare?. How do you look for love in a safe way?. I will share with you my dear reader 7 ways to be safe with online dating, as virtual love and instant connections are the norm of this age.

First way to be safe with online dating is to approach every aspect of it with a grain of salt. Always understand that you do not know anyone online, and have it in your head that they do intend to use you and sometimes even harm you. So first thing to decide is: Are you are looking for love, lust or pleasure?. And to do that you must first examine you, and see what it is you want to accomplish from online dating exactly?. If you are looking for marriage, then seek a spiritual website where their members are single and serious, and all have a letter from their pastor verified. If you are looking for lust in online dating, then join an adult website made for sexual escapades only. And if you are looking for pleasure, then look for a website that gives access to flirting, and chat rooms. Either one of those three will require for you to be safe and use common sense.

Second way to be safe is to always begin with a profile that talks about your likes and dislikes, your plain goals as to why you are here, and your criteria. Never divulge any personal information as to name, address, or even near what school or church you live at. Use a nickname to introduce yourself and be as broad as you can. Remember internet is global, anyone and everyone will access your information and response.

Third online dating tip is to never get super excited about the people who responds to you directly or to your profile. Remember everyone is out for themselves and 90% of what is written is stretched or false. Even the pictures are false, as well as what they do look like now. So always answer a response by being direct with what you want and need, so you could open a dialogue. And conversations and exchanges should go for a day or two if for lust, a week or two if for pleasure, and a month for marriage. Why?. Because research shows anyone can be consistent with their speech for a day or two, because they can stay in that mode mentally. But after a week or two and more, their moods will change along with their temperament, so their speech will change. And that will help you to begin understanding what the person is really like, for the most part.

Fourth way to stay safe is to set up a meet after a short or long dialogue, depending on what your goal was. You have to get to a point where you feel comfortable and confident. There are murderers, rapists, kidnappers, scam artists and serial killers all involved in online dating to get what they want. So you set something up at a place that you are very familiar with, and two, pick a place where you know the Police will be hanging around or eating at. Now if this meeting is for sexual escapades, then you two just do whatever. But if it is for long term or marriage, then follow my advice.

Fifth online dating tip is: Now that you are ready to meet with your mate from a dating website, it is always said that it is best to meet in public, and that part is still true. But first, when you are going to meet, do give each other a description of clothing and a particular place in a mall or coffee shop. Do rent or borrow a car, do get there 30 minutes early to scope the area and do come in different clothes and a hat than the ones you would be in. Why all this, you ask?. Because this will give you a chance to see the person before they see you, and evaluate for yourself whether to move forward or not. If you want to move forward, then change into the clothes you said you would be in. And why the car issue?. Just because, you do not really know the person, and with your tag they can pay $29.95 and get you name and address. See where I am going?.

So now you know and understand the 5 basic ways to keeping safe with online dating. Let this be a great experience for you as meeting new people can be quite exciting for the thrill seeker, but you must use common sense, if you want to have fun and live on the edge. When you use dating online, it is very easy for someone to use your picture and with that get a name as there are websites who gives the service of face recognition. And with a name, they can get your complete identity and use that to steal your credit information, your license information, your medical information and your character information to sell. Protect yourself now by getting one of the best identity theft plans for $12.95 per month ( About 40 cents a day ), that will cover all those areas, by first monitoring them all, notify you when something happens and most important hire investigators and using a law firm to begin restoring your great identity. Just Do A Search Online For All The Current Ones, And Start Being Proactive... Your Romance Advocate, James Dazouloute


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