Missing You... A Love Poem. By James Dazouloute

Missing You... A Love Poem To Express My Devotion And My Gratitude For The Uniqueness Of You My Love, for the greatness that you have created in me, for The Necessity that you have made yourself to be in my life, for the wonders that you have shown me, and for the passion that you have lit within every fiber of my sensuous body. I know that I am helpless, I know that I am needy, I know that my Heart belongs only to you, I know that my Love is enslaved by You, and I know that I am glad that all of you and all of this are happening to me. I am Missing You My Sweet Love, I am expressing all my sentiments, I am dedicating all of me to you, and I am relentless in remembering you and loving you forever.

Missing you is a duty that I volunteered to perform, so that you will know that life is

Inconceivable with you, and my days are spent willingly focused on your heart and your

Sweet tenderness, that no other could ever come close to fulfill me with. Yes My Love, my

Serial caresser, my reason to live, my goal of existing, my distributor of hugs... my delicate

Inward is all twisted without your gentle kissess that make everything straight. I miss You,

Never mind that I may appear to be weak, because I am shouting it to the world as my

Grand testimony, that I Am In Love With You & I Miss You With Every Fiber Of My Being.

Yonder and above I look for you, I am Missing You, and I do not know where else to look for

Omniscient Love like yours that have all the ingredients I will ever need to be perfect, to get

Unmerited passionate love. For You Are My Everything, My Love Medicine and Safety Net.

Oh God! I do proclaim that I am Missing You with all the inner strength that I have to live on. I do proclaim that Nothing and No one Compares to You, for within you, within your lips and within your thighs are all that I will ever need to live, to breathe, to aspire, to grow and even to fly away to ecstasy land. I am happy that you have given me a reason to live, and I am glad that I have made You "Thee Reason" for my existence. And so this Love Poem is to remind you that I am only following in our Father God's Footstep who created my out of Love, and order me to Love. And so I Love You Unequivocally, I Love You Desperately, and I Am Missing You as The Quintessential Love Of MY Life. And Please Forgive Me For Feeling Like This Already... For You Have Only Gone To The Bathroom For A Few Minutes...  James Dazouloute

MISSING YOU... WATCH VIDEO OF DIANA ROSS SINGING:  http://www.jamesdazouloute.net/2013/09/missing-you-love-poem-by-james.html

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