Marine Corps, SEE How Effective Their Security Guards Are. By James Dazouloute


Marine Security Guards, See How The Best Of The Best Do It. Semper Fidelis...(Always Faithful). And when it comes to Marine Security Guards, they are responsible for providing security at about 125 U.S. embassies and consulates around the world. Those on MSG duty are primarily responsible for embassies' interior security, normally the lobby or main entrance. Guards are trained to react to terrorist acts as well as a variety of emergencies such as fires, riots, demonstrations and evacuations

Marine Security Guards provide security services to selected Department of State Foreign Service posts to prevent the compromise of classified material and equipment and to provide protection for United States citizens and United States Government property. The Marine Security Guard Battalion exercises command, less operational control, of these Marines, in that it is responsible for their training, assignments, administration, logistical support, and discipline.

The Marine Security Guards number approximately 1000 Marines at 150 posts (also known as "detachments"), organized into nine regional MSG commands and located in over 135 countries in 18 time zones, as well as its headquarters at Marine Corps Base Quantico.[2] Headquarters Company, along with MSG School, is composed of approximately 100 Marines providing administrative, logistical, legal, training and education support. Prepare Now For Boot Camp And Become One Of Us:

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The RSO will assign Marines to provide security support for visits by the President, Vice-President, Secretary of State or other senior U.S. Government officials, as required. Where additional personnel are required, the RSO will contact DS/SPC/MSG to arrange for additional, temporary duty MSGs.

a. The RSO, with the approval of the chief of mission or principal officer, may assign duties other than those previously described in this section to the Marines as may be required by urgent or security-related circumstances requiring immediate action. Such duties shall not contravene established Department or Marine Corps policy and shall not unduly jeopardize the safety or well-being of any Marine.

Prepare Now For Boot Camp And Become One Of Us, (Marines):



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