Love Relationship, Which Is Better Online Or Offline. By James Dazouloute

Love relationship is by far easier online than in the many traditional ways. Because Online love relationship is virtual and mostly based on mental and visual stimulation. And in this case fantasy and fictional are much more enjoyable then actual, physical passion. And the popularity of love relationship online developed immensely because more youth, teenagers, adults, singles and even sometime married people will go for the thrill of the unknown.  

They see it as a chance to establish friendship and a love life in an easier way, rather than face the difficulties and lack of confidence of meeting somebody in person on day one, and not being liked, or even being not interested in at all by the other. My dear reader as I share this article with you, we will look at why a good majority of people now settle for online romance and pleasure, rather than the actual, physical and natural passion created between a man and a woman. And I will bring you to draw up your own conclusion as to which is best, online or in person, or both. 

To begin with, love relationship online is very appealing. Because as human beings everything we do, every way we act and every fear we have are all mental. for it is said the greatest friend and the greatest enemy is the inner - me. For us humans to do anything, we need mental stimulation or cerebral massages. And everything we do, good or bad, legal and illegal, ethical and immoral, spiritual and worldly are based upon our mental stimulation of the times and the moments. Take sex for example, why do people talk so much trash while having it?. Because of the great stimulation of the brain, what it hears and see will determine the different nerve signals it activates, and the end result will be the intensity of the orgasms. 

So with that said, online love relationship can be quite stimulating because of the trash talking, long distance flirting with the emails and videos. And may become quite addictive as most men, physical being and hunters as we are, have been prone to fall under the heavy weights of addiction, stalking, raping, kidnapping and even murder. All in trying to satisfy that mental stimulation which always seem to require more each time just like doing bad drugs. 

Also many find online dating for love relationship extremely convenient, to start knowing someone without having to spend much time, and preparing many hours to look splendid, they could just be at home in their pajama and be having relations. While not having any perfume on or cologne, no make up, no hygiene and just be at the computer. And another great pitfall to this is that many people are becoming very sexually opened and performing risky behaviors that they ordinarily would never do. Like naked pictures and videos of sexual acts, along with other deviant things and even foul things. And most of the times they seem to forget that once you put it out there, you can never get it back now or years later, and it goes to 8 billion people to download, record, play, sell, blackmail, and even use extortion. And for most online love relationship, it is extremely cheap as they avoid the costs of movies, dinner, plays, hotels, gifts, flowers and so on. They can just hook - up and the free for all sexual buffet is taking place.  

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But remember, whatever the mind sees or hears, it will want to do in the physical for soon. So what started out as innocent flirt will soon compel you to take action. As for the offline relationship, it is still a very well placed and quite profitable endeavor for your heart and emotional needs, as we human beings were made to walk by two, it is the unexplainable need we have to always be close to someone. And in the end we will have to settle for and accept the inevitable, the need for physical relationship and companionship. The need to hold hands with your lover, to go on a cruise together, to watch a movie and be caressed, to cook for your lover, to receive a massage, to enjoy long walks, to smell your lover ' s scent, to enjoy a kiss and the list goes on.  

And those things you can not do with a love relationship online, as the brain needs stimulation, but what make something enjoyable like a good meal, a sweet smelling rose or an explosive orgasm is the secondary aspect of the equation, the physical touch. for we have to touch, smell,taste, see and hear something physically first before our brain receptors can be activated and stimulated. The brain is nothing without the body and vice verse, so online love relationship while fun and appealing, may never replace the original need for physical touch and interactions, that all started in our mother ' s womb. 

So dear friend by now you have a pretty good idea on which one is better, and to help you even further with more love relationship topic, take a look around in my website and see all that is available to you and click on anything that pics your interest. Give free love at all times.
James Dazouloute 

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