Love And Relationships, Easy Ways To Have Both. By James Dazouloute

Love and relationships are supposed to go hand in hand to create a joyful and fulfilled lifestyle. However, one can have love and not have relationships. For love, we have in our heart ever since we were born and never run out of, no matter how much we have been hurt or betrayed, our love just keeps on pouring out. But relationships are what we strive for, and they come and go until the end of our days. I intend to share with you my dear reader, 5 easy ways to ensure you have love and relationships in your life at all times, and maintain your fulfillment.

First easy way to have love and relationships is to open yourself up, your heart, your mind and your positive attitude. Everything in your life begins with you and always will. You have to make yourself available for love and relationships by discarding hate, old grudges and unforgiveness. Besides, when you have those things in your heart, only you suffer because the other person has gone on with their life and is not even thinking about you. Love is in us and all around us, and people are always eager to give and receive love. So please open up your heart and look for all the little things people do, and have in them that will help you to freely love them. Everybody has goodness in them, even the criminal is good to his friends. So be ready to look at what is good in anyone, what little things do they do that are wonderful and focus on those.

Second easy way is to know that you can not have love and relationships, especially relationships, without you wanting it. Anybody can love you and so can you them, but to have, build and maintain love relationships is the real task. And to have great relationships, the golden rule still applies: Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you, that is it. I mean you never want anybody to betray you, steal from you, cheat on you, play with your emotions, use you and talk about you. So please tell me why do you think you are so slick, smart and cunning, when you do these horrible things to people in love and relationships. And then you wonder why can ' t I have great relationships?. No my dear friend, be kind, non - selfish, giving, loving, protecting and appreciating. So when you do have love and relationships with people, protect those relationships as you would protect the very pupils of your own eyes, for you would never let anyone stick a finger in your eye.

Third easy way for love and relationships is to work at them all the times. The number one reason for bad love and relationships is always neglect, and that will lead to all the bad behaviors I just mentioned in the second easy way. Neglect is something you really have to fight off everyday, for as human beings we neglect our body and let ourselves get fat, we neglect our hygiene and look horrible, we neglect our finances and fall in deep debt, we neglect our love life and lose great people but keep the sorry ones. And the list goes on and on. Let us face it, we are king and queen of neglect and procrastinations, we always think " There is tomorrow " or next week, next month or even next year; and then after that we add more to it. No my friend, the time to act is always now and to begin to appreciate, compliment, support, make love, call, help and to encourage, also elevate. So please, work and work at your love and relationships, they are jobs to put hours in, but the benefits of being fulfilled are for a lifetime.

The fourth easy way is to attract the right people to have love and relationships with. Do not, and I repeat do not think that you are a savior, or that you can change people. Attract people who match you, your lifestyles, your values and your ways. I mean look at this with me for a minute, you meet someone who has been drinking, smoking and doing bad drugs for years. Or someone who has a very bad temper, a filthy mouth and a very criminal selfish attitude for years. And now here you come trying to change them in a week, a month or even a year. They have been that way for 15, 20, 30 years even, and have learned to enjoy and take pride in being who they are. And those things you do not have in you, yet you think that you two will be good for each other, in whatever level of relationship you will be involved in?. So please my friend, you know who you are, so deal with people who share same things you do. And if later on, you self improve and become better, then go look for those better kind of people.

Fifth easy way to have love and relationships is to fully enjoy them and plunge yourself into them. Because remember, anyone can love you but not everyone will want to have relationships with you. So when you do have them, jump in with both feet and give like you have never given before. Do not so much worry about what the person does, or does not do, but do worry about what you have to give them in your love and relationships, and you will put your partner to shame. You are great and you love to give of your heart and that is all love and relationships need from you. Your Love Advocate, James Dazouloute



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