Lose Weight, The Natural Way In 5 Easy Steps. By James Dazouloute

How to lose weight naturally simply require that you create a mindset of patience, and of understanding what is natural and what is chemically induced. And to lose weight naturally and keep good health is to observe the ways you were meant to live normally, by respecting a few universal rules of life which I intend to share with you today.

First way to lose weight naturally is to work on your metabolism.

You see your body is a machine that was built by God to be self sustained and self repairing, and inside you have a set of cells that are there to keep your body in good health. And those cells are activated by you when you exercise for at least 30 minutes non stop, or you eat certain healthy foods, or even meditate by focusing your mind on fat burning mode. So one effective and fast natural weight loss technique is to boost your metabolism by doing any kind of prolonged activity session that lasts for at least 30 minutes. Intense work outs fire up your metabolism that will continue to burn calories even after you ' re done working out, and the fat burning will go on all day and night after you activate it. But please keep in mind dear reader, that you must associate activities with something pleasant, so do not think of activity as working out. Begin by going to your favorite mall and just walk briskly for 30 minutes. Keep it fun and you will keep doing it for a long time, because just like kids they exercise but by playing all day in a tree house, or on a swing, or in the pool.

Second way to keep good health is to surround yourself with friends and acquaintances who will help you and motivate you.

In fact, a lot of people find going solo to be very difficult because they can't keep track of their goals. So do ask a friend or a lover to help you to lose weight naturally by motivating you and reminding you why you need to get in shape. You can also ask for professional help from a nutritionist or a fitness instructor so you can achieve your goal, and maintain your fast natural weight loss by having great support from your surroundings.

Another way to lose weight naturally is to drink plenty of water, and you have heard this said times and times again in your life.

For drinking a good amount of water have many benefits in keeping good health as well. It may seem unlikely but drinking cold water does have an effect on your metabolism, also the liver and the kidneys step up a notch and lots of toxins are released. Additionally, colonic activity increases and the increase in water consumption is very important for proper elimination of these toxins through the colon and the bladder. The body raises your metabolism as it warms up the temperature of the water, which burns calories. And with water you flush your whole system of toxins, germs and bacterias, also you are able to skip meals as water will keep you full. Remember you were born of water, you are made up of 70% water and you can not live without water for more than 3 days. So drink it, lose weight and live healthy for the rest of your life.

Fourth way is to do a little bit of strenuous exercises like push ups, crunches,

Pull ups, squatting, jumping jacks, weight lifting and so on. Do begin at your level, and never ever feel embarrassed in the beginning, because the last thing you want is to tear up something inside you and begin bleeding internally. And doing some strength exercises will only help you to lose weight naturally faster, while keeping you stronger and boosting up your metabolism along with your immune system. So this is a win in all areas of your life, and again find something that you love to do like swimming or bike riding. Keep it fun and you will always keep doing it.

Fifth way to lose weight naturally and definitely keep good health is to eat the right foods and at the right time.

And you have heard it said: You are what you eat, and nothing is more true than that. You already know dear friend you should eat whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean meat, so please do what you already know to do. And if you don ' t, then begin by eating everything low in fat, low in calories and low in carbohydrate. Also remember not to eat nothing but protein after 6 pm, since time for bed is approaching you do not want to consume bread, rice, apples, sodas, juice, cookies, vegetables. Because all of those things will make you flabby, and you do want to look toned and ripped, don ' t you?.

So to keep it simple and stress free,

Leave all the pills alone, leave all the fads out, leave overeating far behind, leave dehydration on the floor, and leave lack of sleep in the night clubs. And just begin to use common sense by finding things you enjoy, and begin doing them as a form of exercise. Also drink water, sleep 8 hours every night and eat small clean meals often. So lose weight now for good. Your Health Advocate, James Dazouloute

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