Lose Weight Healthy, And Keep It Off In 5 Easy Tips. By James Dazouloute

Lose Weight The Healthy Way, is an attainable daily goal That I will show you how by the time you finish reading this. But before you begin any weight loss or diet program, always consult with your physician. To lose weight healthy and keep it off is a choice you have to make, and no one can make a choice beyond what he or she understands what that choice will mean. And I know that you understand my dear reader, that you must lose excess pounds for many reasons. Such as: Your health, because those fatty pounds will cause diseases that will kill you eventually. Your looks, because it is very uncomfortable when you walk or sit and even dress. Your self esteem, because you know you can ' t really feel good about how you look, even though you tell everyone how sexy you are. And your finances, because you have to keep on dieting and buying cheating pill and gimmicks. Now with all that said let me share with you 5 easy tips to lose weight and keep it off.

First tip is to change your mindset and that is the most important of all the steps and tips. You have to see yourself in a thin way that is sexy, healthy and happy. You have to see you enjoying drinking water, enjoying to walk or run, enjoying eating clean foods. You have to envision how wonderful it will be when you go to the doctor for your annual exam, and he / she tells you how impressive are: your blood pressure, your cholesterol, your fat percentage, your heart rate and even how healthy your blood cells are. So believe, begin then become.

Second tip is to start looking around your kitchen, inside your cabinets and your refrigerator. Look at the things that deep down inside, without a health expert, you already know are not good for you or anyone else. Remember 80% of staying healthy is nutrition, not killing yourself in a gym or walking 10 hours a day. So start by taking an inventory of the foods you love and ask yourself, is there a healthy version to it?. Go to the store and look in the healthy food isle for them, because I do not want you to fool yourself and throw out everything you love cold turkey, you will only go through withdrawal and then run right back to those foods. Everything has to be a gradual step, and then you can cut it off completely once your brain learns to do without it. It is all in your mind, just like in the first step.

Third tip to lose weight healthy and keep it off is to look at how much you weigh, and how big you are around the waist, and start writing down your goals of how much you want to lose in weight and dimension. Remember 2 to 5 pounds a week is a good and healthy amount to strive for, but always check with your doctor for your own circumstances. Also remember you did not add 40 to 100 pounds in a week, so please keep that in mind for the reverse is the same just like getting into debt.

Fourth tip to keep it off is to again look at how much you weigh and your dimension to start selecting an exercise program that will be appropriate for you. If you are 100 pounds overweight, you can not expect to start running 5 miles a day, you will only quit. Just like Elvis did back in the days, for his mind was willing but his body could not keep up. You have to look at your joints, and how quickly out of breath do you become?. You have to make exercise enjoyable, and begin with the mind. Remember, the greatest enemy is the in - ner - me. You have to make a joyful association with exercise, otherwise you will only quit if you think it is painful. So begin your exercise program by picking the closest mall with 2 or 3 stories high, and start your walking there. Make a point to walk nonstop for 30 minutes to activate your metabolism. Just window shop, and why?. Because whatever you enjoy, you will keep doing for a long time, and just go with your regular clothes and put on your sneakers only, so your mind do not think this is a painful exercise. Do not scare your mind, by putting on sweats and joining a gym, and when you get there all you associate with is people grunting, and in pain, plus people looking better than you beating down your self esteem even more. Again associate exercise with joy by doing something you love.

Fifth step to lose weight healthy is to eat to live, not live to eat. Meaning, eat enough to live on, not live everyday just to eat as much as you can. Start disassociating food with pleasure. Again and again with the mind, and just like in the bible, renew your mind. Look at food from now on as something you do, like brushing your teeth just because it is necessary. Stop looking forward to a good meal, and also stop associating a good meal with having friends around, or watching a movie. And this is why it has been said: Do not eat in front of the television, because you tend to overeat sweet and bad foods.

To lose weight healthy and keep it off is always in the mind. You have to look at food differently, just like you do with drugs and alcohol. And that is why I have focused on your mind with you throughout all the 5 easy tips. Focus on the real deal, your mind, to eat good food and less junk. Also remember to eat small meals all through the day so that your metabolism will keep on burning fat, because if your body thinks you are starving it, it will shut down to protect itself and it will use your muscles and leave the fat behind. And this is why you see people lose 50 pounds and you see the back of their arms and their legs sagging by about 4 to 10 inches, just flapping around. But Not You Beloved, So Learn To Lose Weight The Healthy Way... James Dazouloute

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