Lawsuit, How To Answer It In Court In 4 Easy Steps. By James Dazouloute

Imagine you are at home watching the playoffs, or relaxing by the pool with your family and your doorbell rings. Open the door and there is the Police, the Sheriff or a Process Server, and you have been served. Now what, what do you do?.

Well not to worry my friend, do not allow your whole day to change. I am going to show you how to properly answer a lawsuit in court, and the different ways to do it. Now a lawsuit or summons can be anything from child support, divorce papers to credit card lawsuits, or a neighbor suing you for dog chewing his bumper.

First step to answer a lawsuit to read it completely, and as you do take a pen and underline the areas where you are being accused of doing something or not doing something, because you need to know what it is about before you answer, or call your attorney, or even call your friends. Remain calm and do not let fear overtake you and make you panic, This is just what someone or a company is claiming, and it does not mean that you are automatically guilty or wrong.

Second step in answering this lawsuit again to keep your cool so you can make great decisions. And remember you have 20 to 30 days ( depending on the state you are in ) to give your answer either in person or in writing, by you or by your attorney. So you have plenty of time to now go and get your facts straight. Start looking for receipts if need be, and start making a list of witnesses if need be and also try to recollect the event, and start writing down what took place, especially if you did not see this lawsuit coming.

Third step to answer the lawsuit is, you have to decide whether you are personally going to deal with it yourself, or call your attorney to schedule a sit down. If you deal with it yourself, just be ready to do your part the right way, by returning papers on time, and keep your records and your witnesses up to date; and also be ready for your court date. And also be ready to dress professionally, and speak calmly and clearly, so the judge can see you as professional and just. Or you can have your lawyer represents you. He or She will make your life easier by handling everything for you. All you have to do is keep checking with them to make sure they are on point. They will type up your answer, they will contact the other attorney if there is one, and attempt to work things out if need be. They will go to court and file papers, they will prepare your case, and they will go to court if court date is set.

Fourth step when answering the lawsuit yourself, be clear about your statement to the court. You can go to the court house and they will give you a form to answer, or you can answer from home by filling out the forms attached in the lawsuit papers writing a statement. Then you can mail it in, certified mail of course. Or if you have your Attorney responding for you, you will have to provide him or her with a statement and proof of receipts if need be, and a list of witnesses you have any. You then can go about your daily life until they receive a court date and advise you, or the other party drops their lawsuit either themselves or through their attorney. Either because you are in the right, or now that you have a highly rated well known law firm on your side, they may decide not to fight.

So you see answering a lawsuit court is quite easy and all you would have to do is decide by whom you want to handle it?. Now you and I both know that having an attorney law firm on retainer is always the best for your peace of mind and legal protection in all situations, just like the rich. But how can your afford one on your budget and salary?,especially when the ・ A V ・ rated ones charge $400 to $900 per hour. Well there are a couple of great little companies out there that offer such lawyers you as part of their group membership. So you join a group of other members ( 2 million plus ), and pool your money together every month ( $1.19 a day), and when you need most services done by a law firm, it is already paid for with nothing extra from you usually. ( kind of like A A A ). So Just Do A Search Online For The Most Curren Companies Offering Such Legal Services, Because All your life events will be legal events. Always. Your Legal Advocate, James Dazouloute


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