Just In Case, You Are My Whole World. A Poem By James Dazouloute

Just In Case the Universe decides to fold upon itself, just in case I happen to lose my mind and all my good senses, just in case a great Evil befalls me and my heart is seduced by a Succubus in my sleep, and just in case my time is up and God demands that I return Home.... I am writing this Love Poem so You could know that I Love You Baby, and You are my whole world.

Yes just in case another World War starts tomorrow, just in case Temptation overtakes you and you forget about US just for a second, just in case Depression forces me to retreat into my own little corner, and just in case I am at a loss for words throughout this day... I Love You Endlessly my sweet love, for You are my whole world.

Also just in case Life demands too much of me, just in case my business overwhelms me and takes up all of my time, just in case the needy of the world come to knock at my door and my compassion forces me to focus only on them, and just in case I give away all that I own.... I Still Love You My Heaven, for You are my Gift from God and not owned.

And if, just in case my heart is sorrowful over disappointments and unexpected events, just in case an accident is sent my way and takes away my youth, just in case an illness tries to burn my flesh and slows my heart, and just in case I become delirious with pain... You Are Still My Whole World Sweetheart, for there is not greater Love than the One You shower me with.

And of course just in case we start to grow old, just in case Alzheimer's Disease steals our memory, just in case our bones become frail, just in case our children place us in separate nursing homes, just in case we are put on life support.... I Will Never Stop Loving You My Better Half, for You have always sustained me and the great love that is my heart Just For You.... Just In Case, James Dazouloute

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