I Love You More Than Words Can Say, From God To You His Children. By James Dazouloute

I love you more than words can say, from God to you is an open love letter, to help you understand how blessed, how loved and how well provided for you are. My dear friend, let me share with you all the love that God has for you in every way. " I love you more than words can say " will help you to see all the positive sides of love, of the universe, of compassion, of forgiveness and of provision.

I love you more than words can say, from God to you started with the creation of the universe. God wanted your company and the company of the angels, and that is why he looked over the darkness for eons and decided to start creating. And God loves you so much that he did not create you first, he created the angels first to protect and serve you, then he prepared the earth to give you sustenance, the moon, the sun and the stars to give you their lights, and finally the universe to provide for you. And Only then, YOU, so that when you appear everything and everyone is there for you because he loves you more than words can truly say. And we imitate Him in this Fashion when we are bringing our own baby into this world, for we prepare everything like: A room, a baby shower, a crib, decoration, hospital arrangement etc.

Another way God deep love shows, and how much in love He is with you, as rotten as you are, that He made you in his very own image. Not the perfect angels, not the innocent animals, not the evil beings, but you. God loves you so much more than words can say that he gave to you all his attributes, he gave you power over life and death, he gave you speech, he gave you dominion over the whole earth andhe gave you eternal life. Along with the power to create and build just like he does.

God loves you more than words can say so much, that he gave you a purpose and a mission to accomplish as heir to his throne. And when you betrayed him, upset him and turned your back on him by not acknowledging Him as your Father, worst than you do to your own earthly father, He did not destroy you, flatten the earth, burned you and go to start over. No my friend, God loves you so much more than words can say that to get you back in his good grace, that from within himself he obtained a perfect son and gave Him to die for you. Because He is a judge of the universe that He created, and as you know a judge has to pass judgment when a crime has been committed.

But God loves you so much, that he himself chose to die for you to pay for your crimes. If God did not make sure that a payment was made for the crimes you committed against him and his laws of the kingdom, then the very angels, the animals, the sun, moon and the stars along with other beings would rise up against God, and say that He is not really a Judge. Furthermore, this is just like your kid, if he was in Singapore and he stole and committed other crimes, and the judge says he has to be lashed 4 to 12 times with 20 pounds and 10 feet long lead lashes. But your kid is so fragile and would die, so you volunteer to receive those lashes yourself for your son's sake. The judge accepted you as a substitute and is satisfied, as payments would have been made. So even as a mere human, do you see how much God loves you more than words can say?.

Additionally, to show you again how God loves you more than words can say, that he gave direct orders to his holy and perfect angels to serve you, the sun, moon and the stars to give you their light, the earth to give it ' s food and the atmosphere to give you it ' s rain. Do you then see my friend how deep and perfect is God love for you?. And he also declared that because he made you in his own image, nothing or no other being can harm you without filtering it through him first. Just like a child may need disciplinning, so do you and I, to teach us and build up our character.

So God says if someone harms you in the smallest way and not going through him, then this would mean war in the kingdom, because by hurting his kids it is him they are harming. Because we are each a part of Him, like pieces of a pie. And to elaborate further, imagine you are a king and you have your son as a prince, would you allow anyone to harm your son?. He is the heir to your throne and he represents a whole country, so someone slapping him would be like slapping you or your whole kindom. Great love.

Another way God loves you more than words can say is, He shows you the very epitomy of love. He is kind and always willing to encourage you, He is not selfish and He gives to you everything He made, He is loving and He thinks of you all the times, He is compassionate and He always looks for you to say I am sorry, He is gentle and He treats you with kids glove, He is protective and He will never lets you be destroyed, He is pure and He thinks only of holy and perfect things for you and the list goes on to infinity of His deep love for you. Just like your love for your lover in a small human way.

God is jealous over you, and that is how much more than words can say he loves you. He wants you all to himself every second, and he needs you to be in his presence at all times. He wants for you to talk to him about your problems and only to him, also he wants to be the only one to help you so you can appreciate him. He wants what is best for you, and he always provides for you in a way so that you could get what you want. And my friend is that not how you yourself, want your own wife or husband to be toward you?. So you can easily understand that God loves you more than words can say.

Life is love, you are love and God is love. Love is what will make you die for your kids, as God did for you and then he raised himself up. To get love is why you would get 2 jobs to provide for your kids, as God goes above and beyond in the earth to put all things that you would ever need or want.

So with all this said, remember I love you more than words can say, from God to you... His children... James Dazouloute

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