I Love Mother Earth... Or Are You Just Saying That. By James Dazouloute

I love mother earth, I want to save the planet, I want to clean up the earth, I want to protect mother earth...etc. Are all what you have been saying ever since you can remember, but what great thing have you really done to save mother earth for as much as she saves you everyday. Yes, with her love, her resources, her stability, her strength, her provisions, her ability to absorb all your waste. And yet with your air planes, your polluted cars, your chemical factories, your wars that tear her gut apart with your bombs, she suffers everyday. And yet her love is steadfast, and she has not opened up her mouth to swallow you whole like she did, to some of the Jewish people in the great desert.

And so starting today, you have to leave the past in the past. For what's done is done, but now you must turn over a new leaf, or more precisely turn over one of mother earth's leaf. And start doing something toward mother earth to begin helping her to repair herself from all your abuse and damages. For you see dear friend, you and mother earth are as one, and if she dies then so do you. As there is no other planet that will take you in like she does, or even let your body be made from her by God. So from now on, please stop with the chemicals, please stop with the wars, please stop dumping so much waste in her just for your own profits. Stop standing on top of her and keep performing all your filfthy acts.

So make a vow that from now on, you will really protect mother earth, like the very pupil of your eyes. You will really bring awareness to others about her suffering, so we all could join in and help out our mother with the great healing she needs. We are all her children, and yet are killing her. Would you abuse or kill your own mother who breastfed you?. Mother Earth's Advocate, James Dazouloute

And if You are not just saying that You love Mother Earth With Your Mouth Only... Then This Great Book Will Truly Help You Connect With All Aspects Of Mother Earth: Mother Earth And Me... Are All We Need
 Mother Earth And Me... Are All We Need To Be Saved. A Book By James Dazouloute

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James  Dazouloute
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I wrote this Book: Mother Earth And Me... Are All We Need To Be Saved – Just For You Beloved, so that You and I can join together as the true loyal children of The Great Mother, in order for us to fulfill our duty that a Son and Daughter have toward A Parent. And who is a better parent than Mother Earth? In whom we were created by God, and also in whom we must return our bodies once our mission here is over with.

Also this Great Book About Mother Earth is a compilation of many of my previously published writings, along with many new never before read research and ideas on how to reconnect with Mother Earth, by beginning to work hand in hand with all she is.
So it is time for Awareness to begin, it is time for Honor to take it's place, it is time for the children of Great Mother Earth to rise up and repay Her by doing for her now, all that she has been doing for us from before we were born, all the way to after we die. For she works relentlessly, after we were created from her womb, to provide and care for us like a Great Mother should, and to even protect us from diseases, from suffering, from tribulations, from famines, from thirst, from pollution, and even from ignorance.

And even though we have not cared at all to know Her, even though we have not given a second thought to Her needs, and even though all our dirty murderous deeds She had to bear by having been forced to drink the blood; She still refuses to give up on You and I, She still refuses to stop feeding us, She still refuses to stop healing us with her herbs, and She most definitely refuses to let us die – even if She has to die Herself, Just Like God Did For Us By Giving Up His Only Begotten Son.

So this Book is a plea to You, and to all others who have an ear to hear so that we all can truly begin to participated in taking of Mother Earth by giving Her our heart, our thoughts, our mind, our actions and even our zeal for life. So no longer can we continue on this road of Pretending, no longer can we say Go Green and do nothing, no longer can we stay as Hypocrites and yell: Save Mother Earth – but always counting on others to do it.
And in this Book, You will become enlightened and you will be given the exact steps to take to really come home to Mamma, and truly begin to take great care of Mother Earth so that she can have a chance to heal, because she has so much more work to do since after you die, she will still has to take care of and provide for your children, their children, and their children. Since we all come from Her. Let Us Begin Right Now:
 Mother Earth And Me... Are All We Need To Be Saved. A Book By James Dazouloute

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James  Dazouloute
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PAPERBACK... SHIPS IN 2 DAYS... Because there is no greater feeling than holding a Book in your hands and connecting with it.

Mother Earth is crying out to You, since You have neglected the very womb that have created your bones, your veins, your skin, your hair. And now she is crying out to You daily, and dying slowly every hour with every horrible act that You allow your brothers and sisters to take to rip out that very womb from where You came into being. Show Your Love Right Now By Getting This Book

Table Of Content:  
Chapter Three: Saving The Environment, Why Do We Need To Protect Our Environment?
Chapter Four: Save The Planet... Because She Saves You Everyday.
Chapter Five: I Love Mother Earth... Or Are You Just Saying That?.
Chapter Six: I Love Mother Earth... Don't You Also? A Poem.
Chapter Seven: The Earth Is The Lord's... And The Fullness Thereof. See What You Must Do.
Chapter Eight: Mother Earth... Read Information About The Earth And Its Beginning.
Chapter Nine: Clean Water For Kids, Because Without It You And I Have No Future.
Chapter Ten: God Green Earth, How Did You End Up Making It Black Earth.
Chapter Eleven: Clean Earth Green Earth, And How To Participate.
Chapter Twelve: Public Waste Disposal... Effects On Clean Earth.
Chapter Thirteen: Sea Pollution... Why Are We So
Bent On Killing Everything?
Chapter Fourteen: What Is Litter.. And How Does It Affect You And The Earth.
Chapter Fifteen: What Is Waste... And How Does It Kill Mother Earth Each Day.
Chapter Sixteen: Clean Water Act... Here Is How To Keep Fresh Water In The Earth.
Chapter Seventeen: Acid Rain, What Is It And How Does It Affect Your Life And Generations To Come.
Chapter Eighteen: Recycle Reduce Reuse... All To Clean The Earth.
Chapter Nineteen: Reusing Plastic Bottles... This Is Unbelievable What This Woman Did.
Chapter Twenty: What Is Car Emissions... And How Do They Affect Your Breathing?
Chapter Twenty One: Clean The Earth... But What Is In It For Me?
Chapter Twenty Two: Green Energy Solutions... 3 Types To Use In Your Home.
Chapter Twenty Three: Banyan Tree... This Is Incredible What This Tree Can Do.
Chapter Twenty Four: Water Lily... Another Great Plant From Mother Earth
Chapter Twenty Five: Save The Earth... Because Of This Tree, Plant N Flower.
Chapter Twenty Six: The Mango Tree... Why Is The Fruit OF This Tree So Delicious.
Chapter Twenty Seven: The Pineapple... See Another Great Fruit From Mother Earth To You
Chapter Twenty Eight: The Sensitive Plant... Why Does It Frighten So Easily.
Chapter Twenty Nine: Vegetarian Cook, How To Live Healthy.
Chapter Thirty: Garlic Benefits, Why Is This Plant Used For So Many Good Things In Your Life.
Chapter Thirty One: Drought... 3 Things You Must Know About This Disaster
Chapter Thirty Two: Haiti Earthquake... How Did This Disaster Really Affect Those People?
Chapter Thirty Three: Tornado Weather... 5 Things That You Must Do Before The Tornado.
Chapter Thirty Four: How To Prepare For Natural Disasters... With These 06 Steps.
Chapter Thirty Five: A Meteor... How Would You Survive This Disaster.
Chapter Thirty Six: The Day The Earth Stood Still.
Chapter Thirty Seven: Alien Invasion... How To Survive This Disaster.
Chapter Thirty Eight: Hurricane Survival Guide, All That You Need To Know And Buy To Save Your Family
Chapter Thirty Nine: Hurricane Facts, And The Ways It Impacts Your Well Being And The Health Of Your Family
Chapter Forty: Hello Hurricane From Mother Earth, How To Stay Home Or Evacuate In A Few Easy Steps
Chapter Forty One: How To Prepare For Natural Disasters From Mother Earth... 3 Ways That You
Must Get Ready
Chapter Forty Two: How To Purify Water... That You Get From Mother Earth.
Chapter Forty Three: Drink Water... Here Is Why You Need This Gift From Mother Earth.
Chapter Forty Four: How To Plant... In 3 Easy Ways For Mother Earth To Feed You.
Chapter Forty Five: How To Plant... And Grow Your Garden In 4 Easy Ways.
Chapter Forty Six: How To Plant... Using These 8 Types Of Organic Mulches.
Chapter Forty Seven: Love Mother Earth... 3 Great Ways To Plant A Garden Into Her.
Chapter Forty Eight: Thanksgiving Food, Solar Thanksgiving Grid Free Cooking.
Chapter Forty Nine: How To Protect The Earth... Doing These 3 Quick Things Will Help.
Chapter Fifty: The Rain... Why Do You Hate It Falling In The Big Cities
Chapter Fifty One: Tornado... Why Are You So Destructive. A Poem.
Chapter Fifty Two: What A Day... A Poem About Life.
Chapter Fifty Three: Fairy Tales... The Land Of Albur Will Leave You Speechless.
Chapter Fifty Four: Mother Earth Goddess...Just How Much Do We Abuse Her?.
Chapter Fifty Five: Why You Hurt Me... See Why
Mother Earth Asks You This.
Chapter Fifty Six: What Is Life, And What Are The 7 Most Important Things To Live Life By?
Chapter Fifty Seven: Simple Life, 7 Easy Ways To Enjoy The Simple Life With Mother Earth
Chapter Fifty Eight: I Love Mother Earth... Short Love Poem.
Chapter Fifty Nine: Mother Earth... I Love You Poem.
Chapter Sixty: I Give Myself Away... Says Mother Earth. I Love You Poem.

Chapter Sixty One: Mother Earth... I Love You, Happy Earth Day.

 Mother Earth And Me... Are All We Need To Be Saved. A Book By James Dazouloute

   EBOOK Version... PDF.. You Can Download And Begin Reading Right Now:

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James  Dazouloute
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PAPERBACK... SHIPS IN 2 DAYS... Because there is no greater feeling than holding a Book in your hands and connecting with it.

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