I Have A Dream, About God And His Perfect Work In Me. By James Dazouloute

I Have A Dream That God and I are One and The Same. And in that dream, it is very impossible for You to distinguish between Me – The Father God – The Son God - & The Holy Spirit God, for We are perfectly on the same page, We are seamlessly integrated in our Godly love for one another, We are one working unit in blessing Mankind and The Animal Kingdom, We are transparent in speech and thoughts while continuing the greater expansion of The Universe. As well, that dream pulls You into the gates of Heaven and then into the courtyard to allow you to witness the perfection of Man and God.

Yes I have a dream that The Christ will no longer have to defend You and I from our Accuser The Devil. Because You and I have long ago stopped fighting against God, stopped destroying every blessing that is sent our way, stopped the blockage of prayers by the hardening of the heart, stopped playing The Ignorance Card and have become Enlightened through embracing God's plan and purpose. And that dream is the Slap In The Face for the Devil, for he will no longer be anything but the lowly prisoner who is destined to be chained and burned all throughout Eternity.

I am not ashamed to share my dream with You Beloved, for in it we will no longer need Chariots to carry us home. We will not be Under The Blood, but within The Blood of Christ. We will never have to feel weak and battered by Demonic attacks, but create Fear in the hearts of Dominions, of Principalities and Powers, Of Thrones, Of Demons, Of Strongmen, Of Rulers Of Darkness. For they are so weak when You and I are united with The Great I Am (God), they are but Paper Tigers when we pick up our Spiritual scissors to cut through the illusions of Darkness.

Oh What A Dream I Have Beloved! What a perfect Becoming Of Purity, what amazing joining of the 24 Elders in worshiping The God Of Eternity Past, what wonderful delights that Your Soul and Mine are transfigured - and no longer have to remember The Mount Of Transfiguration. Yes What A Dream of pleasing God, what a day of Blessed Union between God and The Apple Of His Eyes...

And so I have a dream, and so I have a clear head from a glass-like Spirit who has never been tainted, and so I have kind revelation from God that starting today, You and I can join The God-Head in giving orders to Giant Angels, to Warrior Angels, to Protector Angels, to Watching Angels, to Cherubim, to Seraphim Angels, to Sedahin Angels, and to even all The Archangels, To Go To And Fro and bring back only Praise And Worship. Yes I have that dream day and night, I have this dream of interceding even for The Fallen Angels so they could have a chance to be redeemed, since they too were seduced like Mother Eve and influenced like Father Adam.

Yes I do have that dream that the mountain top will now become the foot stool of God, You and Me. For we will be elevated in love, in perfection, in purity, in purpose, in devotion. Yes that dream that you are afraid to dream, I dare to dream for You and I Beloved. James Dazouloute

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