Hypnosis And Weightloss, What You Must Know. By James Dazouloute

Weight loss with hypnosis and the control over your mind is not far fetched, for in fact you have heard the old saying of mind over matter, and that definitely is true, for you use that in your life everyday. Because you are no longer afraid to fall off a bicycle or even afraid that you will drown in a pool if you jump in. And dear friend you already know that the mind fabricates fear, and everything in your life is about mind over matter, whether you are afraid to end a bad relationship, or very afraid of walking down the street even. But today dear reader, we will explore the possibilities of weight loss with hypnosis and the control over your mind.

So to look at weight loss with hypnosis, you must understand that this battle of the bulge has been around since time began for us humans,

As we intend to over eat as well as enjoy our food too much. And then lately because of all the pollutants and chemicals, along with all our different negative lifestyles, we now inherit a lot of diseases and health shortcomings where we may have a glandular problem, or a low metabolism and even a slow digestive system. And so for all these reasons and more, you may have a hard time to lose weight although you have been a good student, and have exercised, dieted, and even may have starved yourself at times. And now you are at your end, because you still can 't seem to lose weight or keep the weight off, so you wonder what else can you do to live a healthy lifestyle because you do not want to suffer a stroke, or have diabetes, or swollen ankles, or a week heart, or develop colon cancer, or any of the other myriad of negative health factors that are associated with being overweight. And so you ask what is hypnosis?.

Well my friend, hypnosis is where you allow your subconscious mind or state to take over your conscious being,

Meaning from the time you get up to the time you go to sleep, your conscious mind or state of awareness is what allows you to make logical decisions about everything you face. And those logical decisions are only what seems right to you, and what you feel at the moment or what you desire something to be at the time. And those logical decisions sometimes are based on bad habits, or misinformation and even ignorance. And so you want to change those logical decisions to a state of actual truth, and good information along with good habits, and that is where your subconscious mind will come into play. For your subconscious mind is like the pure side of you, or the side that is constantly connected to the Universe not by what it sees with your physical eyes, but by what it knows to be Universal truth from your Creator and from your higher self, who both know the real truth about anything that you will encounter. And as you already know my educated friend, your logical mind can and will play tricks on you, for sometimes things that you fear and make a big deal about in your head, turn out to be nothing more than lies and your own imagination, or even misguided talks from people that you listen to. For how many times have you thought that would never accomplish something, and then later on you accomplish exactly that.

And on the subconscious side, how many times you were faced with a situation
And the very first thought that came to you without thinking, either told you to go ahead and get involved or to please stay away from that situation. And you did not listen either way, and that was subconscious mind or your pure side of real truth. Yet only for later on, either that great opportunity has passed you by and now you see the truth and are filled with regrets. Or you did jump in with both feet when your pure side, told you to stay away and then only when later on the real truth comes out, and now you are hurting and finally you say to yourself oh I knew it, I knew I should not have gotten involved with that. So for weight loss with hypnosis, we are going to explore that same subconscious or pure side of you that is always telling you the real truth about everything, and make that truth dominate your conscious or logical mind. And simply, all you are trying to do is to make sure that both sides of your mind live in harmony where only one thing lives in your head, your eyes, and your brain. And that is the real truth about everything and make your mind follow and accept that truth.

Now to begin with weight loss with hypnosis and the control over your mind, is a simple thing my trusted friend.

You do not have to imagine Voodoo, or some old man waving a clock in front of your eyes and trying to control you. No, all hypnosis is for you to just put yourself in a completely relaxed state, where you allow your body and your mind to be in total harmony and then you tell your mind the real truth about what you want it to learn and accept, and then it will. After that you will begin living by it. For example, look at people who smoke, they can go to their therapist and after a few sessions, they can now make their mind accept that smoking is a horrible thing for them, which is the truth. And furthermore, they can teach their mind to associate smoking with vomiting because of the smell and the fume in their nose, lungs and brains. And then just like that, each time they see a cigarette or think of one all they can think about is vomiting. And your weight loss hypnosis can be done the same way for you. For once you decide which part of your weight loss you want your mind to accept and live by, then you just place yourself in a deeply relaxed state or with someone else 's help, and just begin speaking what you want your mind to do and learn. For all desires, all bad habits, all lifestyles begin with the association that the mind has made or the connection that it represents with that activity.

And so if you associate overeating as a happy time, then you will always overeat to get and stay happy.

If you associate sweets and chocolates with putting you in a much better mood, then that is what your mind will tell your body to crave for. But if on the other hand, you associate overeating with looking like a monster, or laying in bed with diseases and pain, or even dying and leaving your precious children all alone, then your mind will tell your body through hypnosis to stop overeating. Also if you associate sweets and chocolates as a way to become diabetic and go blind, or even lose your legs then so will your mind accept and tell your body the truth about staying away from too much sweets. Remember earlier when we said mind over matter?. And in the most basic form this is what hypnosis is and the control over your mind. By  James Dazouloute

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