How To Change...Through These 5 Stages Today. By James Dazouloute

Since I have been hearing you complain about how bad your life is, and how you are so sick and tired of living with regrets, as well as keep paying for your mistakes that seem to be endless... Then I wanted to make sure that you fully understand all the things that you actually go through in your life, and why you keep doing the same things over and over again, and what you experience along the way. All because you must Win, like Charlie Sheen says. Yes Win, because this is your life, this is your universe, this is your moment, and this is the time to make your mark.

How To Change, 1st. stage that you experience: Pre-Contemplation
This is the stage of your life where you are living care-free. And you are doing all that seems good in your eyes, and you just don't care if you are having unprotected sex, or if you are murdering your body through plastic surgery and self-mutilation, or if you are doing drugs, overspending, or telling lies... You are just feeling great, and can not yet see how any of these things will end up catching up with you or hurting you. But somewhere deep down inside, there is that Still-Small voice along with that gut feeling telling you something is just not right

2nd. stage that you go through for How To Change: Contemplation.
This is where you are starting to think that something might be wrong, and you are experiencing some monkey wrenches being thrown in your plans. Also lately, it seems as though things that you did carelessly 5-7 years ago, are starting to catch up with you, and you don't know why. And so now you start to contemplate just what to do about your life, How To Win. And there is no set period of time, because for each person it is different. And so this might take anywhere from 1 week to 6 years, depending on how hard life is hitting you, or how stubborn you are, or even how self-delusional you are about your righteousness. But sooner than later, it will come to you that you must change.

How To Change, 3rd. stage: Preparation/Determination.
And now you are at the point where you are researching some facts about your addiction, your issues, your troubles, your weaknesses... Because you have realized that you need to make a change. And so now you are a student of life, student of knowledge, a scientist and a researcher. And in your mind you are getting all the facts together, all the pitfalls, and all the success rates about all the conditions and issues you are facing.

4th. stage you go through to change: Action.
And now You are Rambo. You are full of action, you are getting involved in all the right things and with all the right people so you can effectuate change. But this is also a time to be careful, because you are at a moment where you can suffer Relapse. Especially if the way you had planned things are not coming together for you. And when it comes to taking action, that can take anywhere from 1 hour up to 1 year to bring about Positive Changes. Also, you now feel invigorated, because you are working on what you want, you are creating the life that you want, and you are experiencing Greatness.

How To Change, 5th. stage: Maintenance.
Now you have brought about all the right changes in your life, as well have succeeded into becoming a new and different person. Again, you must be careful here, because of Relapse. So you must be careful about that Monster that is always lurking everywhere, and this is why you must be careful about hanging out with the same people you used to. Or going to those places that were bringing about your destruction, and those places could mean anything you had a weakness for , whether is was gambling addiction, shopping addiction and overspending, drug addiction, or a chronical liar, or a chronical cheater, or a smoker... You name it, you must stay from it. Because once something is inside you, it has become part of your genes, and so now that you have changed, you must forever be vigilant.

Bonus: For how to truly change: You Must Go To Transcendence.
This step is beyond the 5 stages, and this is where you have moved beyond being able to be affected by relapses, by bad influences, by people, by circumstances, by silliness, by weaknesses... And really this stage is the one that all The Holy Scriptures talk about where You attain Godhood, like Buddha, Gandhi, Confucius, and all the other Gurus who could no longer be tempted. Again this is where you want your life to be, and it doesn't have to be in all areas, but one at a time after you bring about changes. All because Personal Development and Personal Growth are a lifetime pursuit... So Begin On This Path Today, And Get A Life Coach To Help Guide You.... Your Life Advocate, James Dazouloute



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