How To Be Great At Anything In Your Life. By James Dazouloute

For anything that you ever want to do and become, there are certain universal steps that must always be taken. And they apply to any areas of life, to any kind of activities, to any type of adventure and to any unrealized dream. And so it behooves You to learn those 7 universal steps that I am sharing with you today, so you can stop wishing, but become great at anything in your life. After all, you do have a Legacy to leave behind, you do have your name to immortalize and you even want God, The Creator, to give you respect for all the goods you have done. So Let Us Begin With These 7 Universal Steps without any delay:

1- For how to be great at anything, Always create a plan:
Yes Beloved, always make up a plan, a road map, an activity sheet. So that way you could be on your way to taking the first step of that thousand miles journey.

2- Make goals:
Once you have your plan, now break down your activities into small goals, big goals, short term and long term goals, all the way to your destination. So that way you will never get discouraged when you reach 500 miles, but instead you will be celebrating a milestone.

3- Take decisive actions:
Now it is time to dig in, time to jump in with both feet, and time to put both hands in and look straight ahead and never looking back again. Because you are on the right road toward your destiny. Know That!

4- Stay focus:
Since you are already on your way with a plan in hand along with your goals and you jumped in with both feet, now you must stay focus. Do not let your mind play tricks on you, do not allow other co-travelers to deter, do not daydream or go sight seeing. Stay Focus!

5- Be persistent:
Do not get weak Beloved, because now is not the time to be timid, or unsure, or have doubts, or to look back. No, right now is the time to keep pushing through on your plans, keep up with your goals, and stay in steps with your dream. Because you already know that "If it is to be done, it is up to you".

6- Always be looking at the horizon with the big picture in mind:
This step is for when times get tough, for when you are being tested, for when your vision becomes blurry. Just remember the big picture, by starting to visualize your victory, your new title, your fame, your congratulations from others, and your greatness that will be yours alone.

7- Have no fear of Failure:
You already know that God loves you, and He has assigned His Holy Angels to protect you, to help you, and to provide for you. On top of that, God has even assigned your brothers and sisters in this physical world to come along at different intervals and help you, without even knowing why they are doing it, since they are compelled to do so by The Source. And so you can not fail, even if you tried. Because your destiny is waiting for you, and your life of flawless victory is within reach.

So For How To Be Great At Anything In Your Life, do what many who have become a legendary success have done, by planning, by making goals, by taking decisive actions, by staying focus, by being persistent, and by always looking at the horizon with the big picture in mind and in your heart. And when you make yourself understand that Failure Is Not An Option, then you are on your way to being the greatest in any area of your life. Because when you are in that zone, You Will Either Find A Way - Or You Will Make One... Because You Are A Winner. Your Life Advocate, James Dazouloute

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