Home Remodeling, 5 Cheap Ways To Get It Done And Save. By James Dazouloute

To remodel your house, and transform it into your castle and dream come true, is truly an experience that is so full of rewards; and also full of praises from people who visit with you. How do you begin to remodel your house?. Can you do it yourself, all or partly?. Who do you use for remodeling, and how do you negotiate a contract?. Also how do you stay under budget?. These my friend, are the questions that you and every one have, and I intend to answer each one for you as I give you tips on how to get the remodeling of your house done right, fast, easy and on a budget.

First tip to remodel your house is to look at your beautiful home as a gem that only needs polishing, and that is what remodeling does. Now decide which area of the home do you want to remodel, or will it be a complete transformation?. You have to get a piece of paperand start making little drawings of where you want what, and what area to pull out and what upgrades do you want to have?. Also look at the money you are working with, and start making some phone calls to friends and family, and share with them. Ask them if they will be able to help you, and also call some professional remodeler for free estimates only.

Second easy tip on remodeling is to start looking at your pockets honestly and evaluating your budget. Also take into account your skills and energy levels, to see what you are able to do. Your money will determine how far you go into a remodeling project, but your strength and skills will determine what gets done. When you get some estimates from professional remodeler, ask how much will they take off if you do the demolition yourself and haul away the debris?. Also ask if you can assist with the job like cleaning up, painting, caulking, and going to get the materials?. Save a bundle.

Third cheapest way to remodel: when using a contractor, make sure you see their previous work and ask 3 of these people they have done work for about their experience with the remodeler. Also ask for a high estimate with the best materials and the best laborers, and the cheapest estimate with the okay materials and cheap laborers. Find ways to save money by looking at small time individuals with one truck and a worker. Always ask about a start and completion date, because you do not want any surprises. And in the contract, always give 5 days above the date of completion to finish the job, and after that start fining the contractor / remodeler for each day he or she is not finished at a rate of $50 a day starting. You do not want a nightmare experience, and a bunch of people inside your house for 6 months to a year for a little job that should have taken 25 to 30 days. Also if you are using a remodeler, always have your attorney review the contract. Look down below the article to see how you can have your attorney do this and other services for less than a cup of coffee a day. And be sure to ask if you can get an extra 10 to 15% discount if you refer 3 people?.

Fourth tip to stay under budget is to go to thrift stores and salvage places. At both, you will find elegant and great quality used doors, chandeliers, toilets, tiles, tubs, kitchen cabinets all for about one third of their original price. Because you see contractors will remodel high end places, and take those materials away and sell to salvage places. Also people will take stuff to salvage places to sell or trade. And even commercial places that are upgraded or torn down, will have workers remove items first and then sell them to salvage yards. You will save a lot of money and get great quality materials that will make your castle look great.

Fifth cheap way to remodel your house is to ask friends, neighbors and coworkers to come and help you with demolition, cleaning, painting and pressure cleaning. Just have a little cook out and they will be glad to join you and you could go through 2 or 3 rooms and a backyard in one day with that many hands. I remember when I first started buying fixer uppers back in 1999, and the money was short; friends and family used to help me complete 50% of a project in just one week end. So create a win win with a cook out.

So to cheaply remodel your house, always look for ways to save. Do not cut corners as far as the job being done right, but do get some elbow grease in there. You have a gem and that is your house, so keep polishing it with maintenance, remodeling and upgrading from time to time. And learn to work with the space you are working with, so if the space is long put stuff in a long way, and if it is short, use shelves and stack up. Also shop online for a lot ot the stuff you are looking for to save time, save energy, save money, save on taxes, and save on shipping charges. So Get Your House In Order, And Be The Envy Of Your Neigbors Today... Your Saving Advocate, James Dazouloute

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