Hold On... Why Do You Need To Hold On In A Disaster. By James Dazouloute

 Hold On...

I mean what is so great about Life that you must do your very best to stay alive? After all, Life and its many Disasters seem to be plotting against You every hour on the hour, and then sometimes you seem to be helping those two along with their evil plans by being careless, by making mistakes on your own, by allowing yourself to be influenced by others, who themselves are influenced by evil. Well Beloved, I have to tell you that you are one very important being, and you are feeling the way you do now, because Society has conditioned your mind and your views, through their Politics and Advertising, to recognize Self-Worth only according to their standard, and not Yours. And with this destructive benchmark, you can easily fall for the cheap tricks of Unenlightened beings, who are all influenced by evil forces to be shallow. And now they have gotten You caught up within this silliness, and since today you're having a bad day, then it's easy to allow your views to be this way. So today, I intend to set the record straight and show you 3 reasons why You Must Hold On In A Disaster.

First Reason To Hold On: You Are A Link In The Chain, And Others Are Affected By You.
You have to understand that whatsoever you do and don't do, will affect Humanity Globally. And not just for right now, but for the next 50-200 years. For example, you see this nowadays in the Medical Field, whenever you go for a Medical Exam, they will always ask you in their questionnaire, if you have a History Of This Type Of Disease Or That Type Of Condition. Meaning for example, does anyone in your blood line ever had heart disease, or ever was an alcoholic, or ever did illegal drugs.. etc. Why? Because that Grandparent and Parent of yours were a very important link in the chain of life. And because at some point in their lives they were seduced like you are being worked over right now mentally, they thought that they had no real reason to Hold On and do what is right in living Life. And some in your Blood Line went on to smoke heavily, drink to extreme, ate a lot of fat contents, and some have even murdered and did a lot of bad drugs.

But now 100 years later, some of those destructive behaviors have been passed on to you, because they only thought of themselves at the time and did not care about what they do and who it will affect then, and in the future. So are you now beginning to see why you must Hold On? Because if you die early, then that child who is the President of your Country will never be born, If you give up now, then that Spouse or Child that you now have will be affected for years to come, and their life will take a turn for the worst since you are no longer around. For example, your child could have you to mentor him or her, to keep on the straight path, to protect from Rapists and Kidnappers, and to help him or her go to College and fulfill their destiny. But you didn't Hold On, and now they have different step parents, or your spouse have a new spouse, or your brother now has no one to lean on... And so all these lives are crumbling, and continue to suffer for years to come, all because during this disaster you're facing (And a Disaster for You, will never be the same for the next person standing next to you, for everything is Relative), You did not care to Hold On.

Another Reason That You Must Hold On During A Disaster In Your Life: It's All Smoke And Mirrors.
Yes Beloved, Life is nothing but Smoke And Mirrors. So what you see in front of you is not really there, and what you think is happening that is so-so bad is all in your head. If it's not, then ask yourself how come your neighbor can face the same thing you're facing and come out on top, yet you can't. So this Disaster is not killing every one, nor does it have the same meaning for everybody. And like it has been said many times: Nothing Has Any Meaning, Except The Meaning That You Give To It. And you see this in the circle of friends, someone will make a Political Statement, or a Religious one, or even a Joke. And some people will laugh a lot at it, while others will be embarrassed by that statement, and then there are some who will even be furious and want to kill that person just for saying what he or she said. So as you can see, every person received from it what they wanted to mentally. And so it is with Disasters, because what you have thought was a Disaster in the past, turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to you to propel you forward. But at the time, you gave it Meaning that your Life was over.

And when you think like that, then that is when You Let Go and simply refuse to Hold On, because you forgot that it was all Smoke And Mirrors. And do you remember The Stock Market Crash of 1930? Some people gave it the meaning that their life was over, and so they took their own lives. Then there are others who gave that crash The Meaning that it was the greatest opportunity ever, and so those people did Hold On, and went on to make millions. Because they recognized that during a Perceived Disaster, many will think it means The End and give up everything, and those people who give meaning to it as opportunity to grow, will be the Victorious Ones. Same Disaster, Different Views And Meaning For Different People. Which One Are You Starting To Be Today?

Why Do You Need To Hold On In A Disaster? You must, because of this third reason: You Have A Destiny.
Yes Beloved, You have a Destiny given to you by God on the day that He pulled your Soul from The Hall Of Souls in Heaven. And when you dropped down in this physical realm, God said to you through The Holy Scriptures, that He Would Never Forsake You, and that He would SEE you through all things. Remember the statement: This Too Shall Pass? Of course you do, because you have been down that Valley many times ever since you could remember. Yes Do Remember, when you were 5 years old and you were learning to ride your first bike, you were terrified and you did not want to Hold on, but you were encouraged just like now, then you became victorious. When you became a teenager and were trying to ask this person out, that you had a mad crush on, you were terrified of the Disaster you faced then of being rejected, but you were encouraged just like now, and you did Hold On, and you were victorious. When You lost your first job, you were terrified and you thought that was it, but you did Hold On after some encouragement, just like now, and you found an even better one.

And so you must Hold On, because you have a destiny and along the way you are going to have Low Valleys and Mountain Tops. Kind of like your favorite Sports Team when you are watching them play, and in that game they were destined to win, but throughout the match, they had lows and highs, low when the other team scored, and high when they scored. Then there was a time during the game when their Star Player got hurt, and they thought For Sure that it was the end, but they did Hold On and got some encouragement, just like you're getting now (Starting To Get The Hint?), and they found a new way through that one Team Member who was on the bench to win, for this Disaster became his opportunity, because he didn't give it the same meaning as the other players did. Also, you have a Legacy to build and leave for the next few hundred years, even for the next few thousands if you do something Great with Humanity, and then with God Eternally if you Hold On and let Him walk You through it. Because He said that He Has 5 Crowns to give on Judgment Day to those who were Faithful and did Hold On by not giving up. So Get Up From This Floor Psychologically, and Rise Up to fly toward Your Destiny. Get It? James Dazouloute

 HOLD ON AND THEN OVERCOME ANY AND ALL OF LIFE DISASTERS THAT YOU WILL FACE, With My Latest Book: How To Make All Life Disasters Work For You... A Book By James Dazouloute

 How to make all life disasters work for You. A Book By James Dazouloute
 How To Make All Life Disasters Work For You. A Book By James Dazouloute

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 How to make all life disasters work for You. A Book by James Dazouloute
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James  Dazouloute
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“How To Make All Life Disasters Work For You”...  This Great Book was written with You in mind Beloved. Because I have gotten very sick and tired from seeing my Fellow Brothers and Sisters all over the world being trampled to death by Disasters. 

And time and time again, you and I watch on Television, or hear on the Radio, or even read on the Internet about a great Disaster: Earthquake, Tornado, Mudslide, Volcano Eruption, Tsunami, Hurricane, Famine, War... that is killing and destroying for generations to come all who are in its path. And really Beloved, it doesn't have to be so, because every Disaster can be foreseen and be prepared for, and then even be overcome so that the people involved can go on with their lives being overwhelmingly successful.

So this Book “How To Make All Life Disasters Work For You” gives you the answer as to what you need to do to deal with every type of Disaster that may come your way. As You will find out throughout this Book,  a Disaster for you will not be a disaster for your neighbor, and the damages and overwhelming destruction that a disaster brings in your life will not be the same ones in another 's life. So what I am saying to you is, a disaster for you will be a walk in the park for somebody else who is prepared mentally, physically and financially for it.

Also, Because Of This Book, you will see that with all the news coverages around us and even what we experience ourselves in nature, we do know that Disasters are all around us whether Man made or GOD made. And you should not fear disasters for they have been around since the world began, and at every stage of man 's progress. So dealing with a disaster does not have to leave you powerless. By being prepared, you can save yourself and save others, and even if those others are the ones who have made fun of you while getting some supplies. As Humans, this Is our Age to live in, and so we have to outlive a disaster no matter how big or small. But Please don't wait for the Government or the people you know to come and save you, because you are reading this Book and now you know what to do. 


 How To Make All Life Disasters Work For You. A Book By James Dazouloute

     EBOOK VERSION... PDF Format - You Can Download Right Now And Begin Reading:

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James  Dazouloute
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PAPERBACK VERSION.... Ships In 2 Days - Because there is no greater feeling than to hold a Book like this in Your Hands and connect with it to make notes, to flip the pages, to bookmark pages, to give as a gift of knowledge, and to place under your pillow so Your mind can retain all the new knowledge while sleeping:

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Table Of Contents

Chapter 2: What A Day... A Poem About Life.

Chapter 3: What Is A Disaster... Top 3 Ways To Deal With It. 

Chapter 4: Preparing For A Disaster... 3 Ways With Little Resources.

Chapter 5: Disaster Help... Top 3 Ways To Deal With A Disaster Mentally.

Chapter 6: How To Prepare For Natural Disasters... 3 Ways That You Must Get Ready. 

Chapter 7: Continue To Prepare For Natural Disasters... With These 06 Steps

Chapter 8: Disaster Preparedness, Fear Not But Face It Head On And Survive Easily

Chapter 9: Be Prepared, 8 Quick Tips Of Things You Must Know To Save Yourself Before And After A Disaster

Chapter 10: Disaster Survival... This Is Incredible How This Man Survived At Sea.

Chapter 11: End Of The World... See How You Must Be Ready If...

Chapter 12: Zombies... See How You Should Prepare For This Disaster As Well.

Chapter 13: Zombies... Top 3 Ways To Never Become One.

Chapter 14: Shop For... End Of The World ( Maybe ).

Chapter 15: Disaster Help... How To  Overcome A Disaster Mentally.

Chapter 16: Alien Invasion... How To Survive This Disaster.

Chapter 17: The Day The Earth Stood Still.

Chapter 18: What Is El NINO, And How Big A Disaster Can He Bring To You

Chapter 19: The Oil Spill, And How Much Of A Disaster Does It Create  For You And I.

Chapter 20: Nuclear Plant Disaster.

Chapter 21: Tornado Weather... 5 Things That You Must Do Before The Tornado.

Chapter 22: Recent Tornadoes... Just How Do You Deal With This Disaster.

Chapter 23: Tornado... Why Are You So Destructive.

Chapter 24: Dementia Alzheimer, All The Basics To Learn About Persons With Alzheimer's Disease

Chapter 25: Alzheimer 's Disease... All The Ways It Can Be A Disaster For You

Chapter 26: Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires... Because Nobody Else Will.
Chapter 27: Drought... 3 Things You Must Know About This Disaster.
Chapter 28: A Meteor... How Would You Survive This Disaster.
Chapter 29: Missing Person, How To Deal With This Devastating Situation While Looking For A Loved On.
Chapter 30: Haiti Earthquake... How Did This Disaster Really Affect Those People?
Chapter 31: Flash Flood... See If This Disaster Was Caused By This Rainmaker.
Chapter 32: Hurricane Definition, And All You Quickly Need To Know To Save Yourself.
Chapter 33: Hurricane Survival Guide, All That You Need To Know And Buy To Save Your Family.
Chapter 34: Hurricane Facts, And The Ways It Impacts Your Well Being And The Health Of Your Family.
Chapter 35: How Hurricanes Affect Your Business With Each Occurrence.
Chapter 36: Hurricane Planning, All The Legal And Common Items You Need To Address Before The Hurricane.
Chapter 37: Hello Hurricane, How To Stay Home Or Evacuate In A Few Easy Steps.
Chapter 38: Weather Hurricane, How To Keep Your Biz And All Your Money Before And After.
Chapter 39: Be Prepared, Shop For These 7 Main Things To Be A Great Prepper For Disasters.
Chapter 40: Shopping For Life Insurance, What To Look For And Do I Need Life Insurance.
Chapter 41: Make A Will, Why You Need A Will To Avoid Fighting After Death
Chapter 42: Create A Will, Ways To Avoid Nightmares After Death.
Chapter 43: Simple Life, 7 Easy Ways To Enjoy The Simple Life And Have Great Health.
Chapter 44: Volcano Eruptions... And The Disaster In Pompeii To Watch-out For Today.
Chapter 45: Plague Of Locusts... Be Scared Of This Disaster.
Chapter 46: Blood Plague... Would These 5 Ways Help You Survive This Disaster?
Chapter 47: Tsunami Information... To Help You Prepare And Survive.                                                                   
Chapter 48: What Is Stress...Top Five Signs That You Are Under Stress And What To Do.                        
Chapter 49: What Is Sadness... Top 3 Ways To Deal With It After A Disaster.                                                              
Chapter 50: Give Me A Break... Yes All You Disasters. A Poem.
Chapter 51: Disaster Disaster... You Must See How These 3 People Met With Disaster.                                      
Chapter 52: Breaking News Today... Snow Survival By This Man For 2 Months Inside Car.                                     
Chapter 53: How To Purify Water... That You Get From Mother Earth.                                                                    
Chapter 54: Top 6 Ways To Help Help Others After Disaster. 
Chapter 55: Retardation, What Are It's Characteristics And How Does Life  Affect People With Mental Retardation 
Chapter 56: Your Health... Why You Should Take Care Of It And Not Die Miserably.
Chapter 57: How To Have Perfect Health... A Poem.
Chapter 58: Thank You God... Here Is How
Chapter 59: Booby Traps, What Are They And How Do They Work To Protect You And Your Assets Legally?
Chapter 60: Firearms Safety Rules, Ten Rules That Are Not Open For Discussions That You Must Follow
Chapter 61: Handgun Training... 3 Ways To Be In Control Of Your Gun                                                                  
Chapter 62: How To Shoot A Gun... In 5 Easy Ways.
Chapter 63: Disaster... Here Is How To Survive It With Your Faith.                                                                          
Chapter 64: Give Me A Hand... Top 3 Ways To Give A Helping Hand As  A Philanthropist
Chapter 65: Help A Stranger... And See How You Are Changing A Life With Philanthropy.
Chapter 66: On My Own... And All Alone. A Poem.
Chapter 67: What Cause Stress.... You, I Show You.
Chapter 68: Disaster Survival... What Is The Frame Of Mind To Be In.
Chapter 69: What Is Death... A Poem.
Chapter 70: Make It Like It Was... Please Dear God.
Chapter 71: Give Me Courage... See How Much You Need It To Face This Disaster.
Chapter 72: Give Me Joy... Here Is How To Have It After A Disaster.
Chapter 73: Author Biography And His Other Books
Chapter 74: Closing Words By Author

 How To Make All Life Disasters Work For You. A Book By James Dazouloute

     EBOOK VERSION... PDF Format - You Can Download Right Now And Begin Reading:

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James  Dazouloute
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PAPERBACK VERSION.... Ships In 2 Days - Because there is no greater feeling than to hold a Book like this in Your Hands and connect with it to make notes, to flip the pages, to bookmark pages, to give as a gift of knowledge, and to place under your pillow so Your mind can retain all the new knowledge while sleeping:

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