Going To Jail, 5 Easy Ways To Stay Out. By James Dazouloute

Going to jail can be quite scary if you do not know what awaits you there. If the Police pulls you over and you have drugs and alcohol in your car, you are going to jail. If you have a warrant out for your arrest, you are going to jail. If your identity is  stolen, and someone else does criminal stuff in your name, then you are going to jail. And if you are behind on child support payments, you are going to jail. Should I go on my friend?.

In this society of laws ( Way Too Many ) that we live in, the  possibilities and reasons of you going to jail are endless. For any and every little thing. I am going to share with you ways to stay out of going to jail, as in what to do and what not to do, so you can keep your freedom.

First way is to do your best to be a good citizen and obey the  laws, as most of them are common sense. And if you do not  like them, then get a signed petition and see your officials to get them to change, because the voice of the people will be heard. To  stay from going to jail, do not go stealing a car or do a home invasion and then act like you are in the right. You have to use common sense when you are driving and when you are at work. Do not take money from your company or steal expensive items  at work, and then justifying it by saying they do not pay you  enough. The old law of: Do to others what you would have them do to you, still applies and it is for that reason that most laws are passed, and going to jail is there.

Second way to stay out of jail is to check your own self - out every 6 months. In this day and age of identity theft in all forms ( Credit, Social Security, Driving License, Medical And Background), you must be proactive and spend $10 to $20 to do a complete background check, which would cover your criminal history and your driving records. So twice a year do a check on you to see if there are any mistakes, errors or identity theft concerning you. You do not want to go to look for a job, or trying to rent an apartment, and that is when you find out you have a warrant for unpaid parking tickets or your identity was stolen and go to jail.

Thirdly, do keep up with your credit report to ensure you keep yourself from going to jail. Again with the identity theft, someone could steal your credit information and use that to buy a couple of houses, cars at dealerships and take out loans in your name  all in one day with fake paperwork and a fake signature. And as soon as the bank do not get the first payment on those items,  they will file a fraud charge on you. And you have to prove it was not you even though it is your information and signature. Again  do not wait for the Police to come knock on your door for stuff you had nothing to do with. Or again , have a job or a bank call the Police out on you to get you to go to jail. And nowadays you get one free credit report yearly from each credit bureau, so  stagger them every 4 months and get constant updated credit reports to your butt out of jail.

Another way is to choose carefully your friends and who you  associate with. This one step is more important than any other my dear friend, you never know what people are up to, what their lifestyles are and what their values are. Your friends, co – worker and acquaintances will get you in more trouble in your life than anything else in this world. To keep yourself from going to jail, do keep away from people who smoke a lot of weed, get overly drunk, have bad temper, or brag about stealing, murder, drugs, rape and grand theft. All these people I just mentioned do not think clearly and are losers, they are not going anywhere in life but to jail sooner or later. You do not want to go there with them and leave your  family behind.

The Fifth way to not be going to jail is to always have an Attorney on retainer, because during these days of mischief anything and everything can happen to you in a heart beat. And when it does, you do not want to be rattled, scared and suffer all the consequences of being framed or even being guilty. Having a lawyer on retainer or on standby can advise you right there in  he middle of the scene  with just a phone call, even it it is at 3 o'clock  in the morning. A lawyer  can make some phone calls and work out bond for you to be released. A lawyer can defend you and hire investigators to  work on your behalf and keep you from going to jail permanently. A lawyer can work for you and with you to help restore your identity if it was stolen from you.

But please do make sure you  hire an attorney worth his salt, not every sorry one you meet even your cousin. You know in every field there are  superstars, so get you an " A V " rated lawyer and that is the highest rating one can get. To keep from going to jail, read more books like this one. Stay abreast of what is going on, new laws, new changes, new scams, new tips and ideas. All to protect yourself, because remember ignorance of the law is no excuse. Also do subscribe to my website or blog, and you will get all my new articles from me and others. You have to keep your ear to the ground legally so you can be on top of your freedom.

Now with all the advice and tips I have shared with you to stop  you from going to jail, this tip is the best one. Do get yourself a  legal plan, legal insurance and or identity theft insurance.   We  live in a very litigious society and with many laws, so at anytime  a legal situation will present itself. You may even already have  one going on now, and an attorney during and after an arrest is your best tool to have. I know you can not afford a highly rated " A V " attorney who charges $400 to $700 per hour, so that is why you must have a legal plan, legal membership or legal  insurance, however you want to call it. With that insurance, it is just like medical insurance, you pool your money with say 2  million or more members and pay anywhere from $17 to $36  per month. It is not your little change that will pay for the  Attorney ' s time, but it is the power of the 2 million times $36 per month that will equal 72 million dollars per month. JUST DO A SEARCH ONLINE FOR LEGAL PLANS, AND PICK THE COMPANY THAT BEST OFFERS WHAT YOU NEED.... 

So now you see how the " A V " rated attorney gets paid. Additionally, please do take time to understand exactly what is covered before you sign up for any kind of insurance, because that is  where most people always get things wrong and then want  to blame the company or calling   things a scam and so on.  Your Legal Advocate, James Dazouloute

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