Facts Of Life, These Ones Will Amaze You. By James Dazouloute

Facts Of Life, they are all around you because at every second someone is doing something that has just become a fact, and somewhere an event is taking place that is being recorded in the history books as being factual or having taken place and having been verified. And as usual, it is always up to you to find out about these facts of life, and then use them to your advantage by showing off your knowledge, or by using them to advance your fortune, your career, your image, your pride, and even to advance Humanity. And so you have to make yourself aware of the facts of life, as well begin to fully understand that every little thing that you do every second of the day, has just now become a fact of life. And so it behooves you to be mindful of what you do, what you say, and what you share with others. And please do not think that only important people are being watched, and their every move, words and deeds are being recorded. Since after all, Heroes that you hear about, are everyday folks such as yourself. Also great criminals are the so-called nobodies of the world, who just happen to snap one day and begin doing shocking things. But either way, all activities and words by anyone, and any other being, will always become... Facts Of Life. And so what are you doing right now, what words are you speaking outloud at this very minute that are not only being recorded in the Akashic Record in the Heavens by God Scribes, but also by your neighbor, your best friend, your co-worker and even your enemy, who then can say that you did say this or did say that, or that you did do this or did do that?... Food For Thought, and just be always aware that you are part of Humanity, and you are part creator of Facts Of Life... James Dazouloute

Facts Of Life, These Ones Will Amaze You. And Here Are Quite A Few That You Were Not Aware Of:
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Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

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