End Of The World... See How You Must Be Ready If... By James Dazouloute

End Of The World, is a statement you hear proclaimed just about every year, or every decade. Since there is always a Prophet of God ( Supposedly ) somewhere, who will claim that the world is at it's end, and you must be ready to meet your Maker. Afterward, the time comes and goes and nothing happens, then this Said-Prophet now says that he or she made a mistake in calculating the exact date, but that the next time around is the For-Sure thing. And to be fair, for those of us who are deeply embedded spiritually, we know that Prophesy is a tricky thing. Since it is always either or, meaning God will usually give a Judgment to come, but it all depends on mankind and the Free-Will part. For if they get their act together, then God will delay the judgment, or may do without it altogether. Remember Jonah and the town of Nineveh? For after he prophesied that they would be destroyed, they quickly got their act together and repented, then God delayed the judgment for a few hundred years. So don't be so hard on the Prophets and the end of the world...

And either way it goes, whenever you hear that the end of the world is near, you should do some things to prepare for it anyway. Because there is an old understanding about Life: When you are ready for trouble or disaster, then nothing ever happens. Kind of like when you have $5000.00 in your hand, you never need brakes or a new engine for your car, but as soon as you don't have anything, then here comes all kinds of disasters. So Life is out to play silly games with you, and the problem with that is you can't fight life, only work around it. And what you have to do is act as if you really believe that the world is going to end, and take all the steps to ensure your survival along with your family's. Then nothing much will happen, because if you don't, then all hell will brake loose.

So start by creating a plan for you and your loved ones, and start trying to see what you would you do if a great F6 Tornado ( Unheard of Level ) were to take place in your home. Or a 150 feet high Tsunami was coming toward your home to wipe you out. Or a 10.5 Earthquake is passing right under your home. What would you do, and how would you prepare for it? Even if it never comes. So you have to get your disaster survival supplies, you have to prepare a 2nd. Home to run to, you have to increase your knowledge and understanding about any and all disasters. So that way when you hear of the end of the world, then you can be the Master who is in perfect control, and not the Puppet who reacts to life antics.

Remember, don't so much worry about the end of the world, but worry about the end of the world as you know it. Remember 9/11? So go ahead and get ready for it all mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally... Because you are made to face difficulties all the days of your life, but along with that you were given a brain to use so you could be very resourceful and work around Mother Nature. And that way you will always survive any and all disasters. Your Survival Advocate, James Dazouloute

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