Depression, Why Does It Hurt You So Much During The Holidays. By James Dazouloute

During The Holidays, When You Are Supposed To Be Happy, When you are supposed to get together with Family and Friends, when you are supposed to be buying gifts for loved ones, when you are supposed to be flying to visit, and even when you are supposed to be the life of the party, Why Does Depression Hurt You So Much ? And so you don't understand why Depression is constantly attacking You, and why won't it leave you alone to live your life? Well Beloved, there are many different factors that you are facing that have given The Spirit Of Depression the great power it holds over you. And today we will tackle together the underlying issues so you could truly understand the cause of Depression and why it hurts You so much during the Holy-Days. And that way you will not continue to just treat the symptoms like a Headache, but treat the very reasons that cause it.

First Underlying reason why Depression hurt you so much: Your Upbringing.
It has been said that the first 7 years of your life will make up the characteristics of all that you will be, and will never be. And that is because these are your formative years, and every single thing you see, hear, feel, experience and observe are all seeds of your life. And with the Holidays, how you spent them as a child will reverberate for the rest of your life, because in the first 7 years you were impressionable, you were naive, you were perfectly innocent, and you accepted as fact all that you experienced. And so if your parents were not together at that time, you will suffer from that. If your family had no real money to spend so you can associate the Holidays with a time for presents, you will suffer from that. If there was separation, or a divorce and your parents were fighting during the Holidays and you witnessed that, then you will have bad association with the Holidays. If the Holidays, during the early part of your life, were a time when kids made fun of you because they always had better gifts than you, then you will be affected for the rest of your life. I hope that you are beginning to see just how pain, deception, bad experiences, will all affect you during the Holidays. And so what You have to do is embrace life at its very core, you have to grab every opportunity for you to create new positive memories. And the things that You were denied as a child, are the very things that you can now focus and bring them to Fruition.

Depression... Why Does It Hurt You So Much During The Holidays? Because Of Trials And Tribulations.

Even if you had a wonderful childhood, you may have had trials and tribulations in your adult life that have overcome you, and all the gifts of great feelings that you were given as a child during the Holidays, have now been pushed at the deepest part of your mind. And now you simply believe that those kind of Holidays were just childhood fantasies and humor. But now that you are an adult, you don't have time for all that silliness. But what you do have time for is to multiply your bad situations in your head, and allow The Spirit Of Despair to take over your entire life. And so now you feel that Life has no more joy, but bills to be paid, hurt and pain from lovers, betrayal and mistrust of all that you are involved in. And so when the Holidays finally do come, which is a time to be Holy, which is a time to be appreciative of the gift of life, which is a time to enjoy a long Sabbath, which is a time to recharge your emotions, a time to strengthen your connection with friends, and enrich your love with family... But you have instead allowed your supposedly grown up ways, or supposedly enlightened ways to interfere with what is precious to you, and now you have become bitter with hurt and pain. So this is another reason why you allow Depression to hurt you so much during the Holidays. And so what You have to do, is to realize that You dropped down in this physical realm to have An Experience, and every single minute of this life is to be cherished and made the best of. Because You will never recapture that time and moment again. Also remember that there are many who have had a Close Death Experience, and suddenly they are able to Re-focus as to what is truly important in life. So Don't Wait For A Moment Like That To Happen To You.

Third Symptom: Loneliness.
I can't begin to tell you enough about Loneliness, because it is the greatest factor in your entire life. Yes Loneliness is a Succubus or a Leech that will suck the very life out of you. And that is because when you were created by God, He even realized that it was not good for Man to be alone, and so He took from him and created a wife just for him. And if a Man who is supposed to be strong should not be alone, then how much more so for the woman who was created from him to complete him?

And so when the Holidays come and you happen to be all alone, be it you had a bad marriage, be it your family is thousands of miles away, be it you are stuck at work finishing a project that you hate, be it... Get it? And so you are now alone and the Holidays are making you question and realize just what is going on in your life for real. And now you are very depressed, you are down and out, you are the end of your rope because you know that you are happiest when you are with a friend, with a loved one, with a companion and even with your pet.

Because this is Nature at its best, this is why even God created you to be with Him for all Eternity, for even He did not want to be alone. And so what you have to do is reach deep down inside, and remember what God Has told You: When You Saw Only One Set Of Foot Prints In The Sand, It Was Me (God) Who Was Carrying You. And so You Beloved are never alone, for even if You don't have a Sweetheart or Your Child next to You, Even God is with you during the Holidays. After all, this is why they are Called: Holy ・ Days, and Depression can never be anywhere near Holiness... Your Health Advocate, James Dazouloute



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  1. Anonymous3:12 AM

    Depression is a spirit, and it feeds upon your negative and feeling of hopelessness mind


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