A Will, How To Create One Today. By James Dazouloute

You have Television, some furniture, an old truck, do you need a will?. have a small stamps collection, some nice tennis shoes and a car wash on your truck, again do you need a will?. dear reader, we are not even talking about you having an estate, or having won the lotto and even owning a nice size business to have a will. Why?. Because having a will not for you, it is for your loved ones that you will leave behind once you pass from this life, and returning to your old state of being a spirit being.

If you do not have a will, you will be surprised how valuable your junk becomes once you pass on. Take a look at artists, singers and collectors that have died, and how quickly their junk become valuable. And it is all because when you die, there is no more of you and whatever you leave behind will be left for sons, daughters, girlfriend, wife, husband, mother, father and friends. They need your personal items, expensive or cheap, to remember you and have you alive in their heart, their eyes and presence each day.

So to show you, an old lady had went to a pottery class and made a badly, out of shape statue of herself, and she had 7 kids who used to tell her how ugly it was. But as soon as she passed on, those 7 siblings were just at each other ' s throat, because they each wanted that deformed statue that mama had made. And since she did not have a will, they all became prideful and stop speaking to one another. Is that what you want?. Of course not.

so dear friends, you must have a will, to let people you leave behind know what your wishes are regarding, your clothes, your chains, your shoes, you car, your lawnmower, your albums, your wigs, your lazy chair and your every other little thing that you think of and say : Oh they are not worth anything. Please notice that I do not talk about big expensive things, or a business and even big bank accounts. And that is because the rich already have a will.

How and where do you get a will?. All you need to begin is a piece of paper, and start writing down what you have and who do you want to get it. A will is just your desires that you want carried out, you are the king and queen. And then you can put the information on a professional form, or in a video, or have an attorney do it with you. Either ways you have to begin by letting every one knows the date, time and that you are of sound mind, and then get it recorded in court with 2 witnesses signatures.

Now the very best way to create a will to have an Attorney prepare and record one for you, and also have an attorney update it every year as your situation changes. And most attorneys charge about $500 starting, for a basic will. Where are you going to get $500.00 you ask?. There are many services out there that work just like car insurance, or medical insurance. And they are called ・ Legal plans or legal insurance, ・ and for a small amount per month, they do the same things in saving you money when troubles come. And Remember, the greatest trouble maker you have to deal with, watches you from the mirror. So do not be one for your family and friends. Let them know your will.  James Dazouloute


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