A Fool, Why Do You Allow Love To Make One Out Of You. By James Dazouloute

Since You are one of the smartest people I know, and you possess a certain amount of wisdom that many are envious of, and not to forget that You are never the emotional type. So how is it that Love has constantly besmirched you, and she has continually done her best to embarrass you, and make A Fool of you anytime and anywhere she chooses to? Is it because Love has so many tricks up her sleeves, or maybe it's You who simply refuse to give up on her, because You seem to think sooner than later she will treat you right and send you The Lover that you rightfully deserve? So today I intend to help you to understand why is it that Love has made such A Fool of You, and even God.

A Fool... Why Do You Allow Love To Make Such A Fool Of You? Well one the reasons is because you have a Very Forgiving Heart.

Yes You, you have always been the kind of person who refuses to hold a grudge against others, and you are also very quick to forgive any wrong, and then just move on with your best foot forward. And so Love has noticed this weakness and Greatness about you a long time ago, and so this is why you have been made A Fool of so many times by Love and her Human Puppets. Besides, you have always known through your Smarts and profound Wisdom that you must always quickly forgive, otherwise the negativity of holding a Grudge, or even contemplating Revenge in your heart will only destroy you. By first making you sick, then attack your mind and force your judgment to be clouded, then it will spread to your Spiritual Life, your Financial Life, your Work Life, your Entertainment Life, your Sports Life, and even your Future Life. And so again, this is why Love always seems to make such A Fool of you.

Another reason why you are seemingly A Fool when it comes to Love: You Always, Only See The Best In People.

And this is your Greatest Power, yet your source for Downfalls. And you already know that Evil exists, and he influences the human heart and the mind of those who are weak. And so they come to you with Ruses, with Sound-Good Goals, with Plotting, with The Trojan Horse Trick, with the "I Just Have A Lot Of Friends", with Games and Silliness. But You have always been the kind of person who has witnessed, and believed in the power of Positive Reinforcement, as well the power of Positive Thinking. And so You always choose to see the best in people, because you know like I do, that even when they come with Great Evil in their heart, Your Kindness - Your Purity - Your Giving Heart - Your Virgin Mind - Your God-like Spirituality.. Will eventually turn them around. And there lies the problem with that, because some people are so far gone and have fully given themselves to Evil, that they are willing to even die for Him. And you see this in our current Culture, some people are willing to do anything wicked, to try anything destructive, to submit to bad drugs, heavy alcohol, perverted sex, irrational behaviors, and to even harming others with their diseases, their corrupted mind, their unethical ways... etc. And then they will ask You: What's Wrong With That?

A Fool... Why Do You Allow Love To Make Such A Fool Of You? Because You Realize That Love Is Eternal And Almighty.

You see Beloved, when God decided to create The Universe along with His prized creation - Human Beings - He had to consult with Love and bring her into the equation. For without Love, nothing pure can ever be done, nothing can ever be eternal, nothing can ever grow, and nothing else will overcome evil. And so this is why you even see God had to succumb to Love and been willingly made A Fool of, when He decided to get off His Heavenly Throne and come down to save You and Me in our stench, and to even die for Us. All because of Love, all because God has a Forgiving Heart, all because God chooses to only see the best in Humanity - His Prized Creation. Does all this sound familiar to You? Of course it does, because You Are The Child Of God, and you already know what they say about The Bloodline and what it passes down.

And so this is why Love has constantly made A Fool Of You. Not because she is bent on destroying You, and not even because she hates You. No Beloved, Love really only wants the best for you. But along the way to Greatness and to bringing You your Soul Mate, she has to plant a seed inside Your Heart, then that seed of True Love has to germinate, then Begin to come forth and Tested. And You already know that whenever a plant, vegetable or fruit tree is growing to Maturity, to Perfection and to bear Fruits, they all have to face The Elements, such as: Heat, Wind, Rain, Bad Soil, and even Freezing Temperatures. And if they can make it to Maturity, then they will last a lifetime, for they have been tested and have built up Immunity to all the bad elements of life. So the bad people who have come along in your life so far, are those bad elements that You must face as you grow toward becoming The Perfect Lover, The Mature Lover, And The Make-A-Difference Lover. So that when Your Soul Mate finally arrives, You Have Truly Saved The Best For Last. Get It?..


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