3 Easy Ways To Make Friends And Not Enemies. By James Dazouloute

If You want to make Friends with anyone and everyone You meet, then Starting today, You have to be mindful of your actions, of your words and intentions. Because these 3 things will either help you, help others and make you a Hero, or they will put you in a constant state of warfare with everybody, including law enforcement and the Government. Also you must know that You, are an Energy Center, therefore you attract all good things and all evil things by your thoughts, your words and your actions. On top of that you must be aware of a something called Karma, and so whatever you do that is right toward someone else has just started a circle of blessing, and along the way of completing that circle, it will pick up all kinds of positive energy, all kinds of blessings, all kinds of gratitude, all kinds of new friends and bring them all to you, in a fully multiplied way. And the same is in reverse.

But first let us find out HOW TO NOT MAKE ENEMIES...
Stop your gossiping about anyone and every one, stop offering your opinion about every single thing you hear from someone 's mouth, and never take the time to verify if what that person is reporting to you is true or false. Because you have to remember Beloved, that you are a Spiritual Being and your words that come from your tongue, have the power of life and death. They can build up someone or murder their character, they can give strength to someone who lost all courage to fight Cancer or they can demoralize and destroy a child's mind for life. So be mindful about what you listen to, what you give your opinion to and what you start as a rumor. Because they always go full circle and will get back to that someone that they are about, and then you will never make new lifetime friends that way.

2nd. easy way to Make Friends: Stop meaning well, but always doing the wrong thing to upset others. Stop doing things that you know are against the laws, and then act like your neighbors and the Police are the enemy. Stop demanding your way whenever you are hanging out with your friends. Stop being a jester because you crave attention. These things and many more, will make you many enemies that you can never fight off. So just mind your business, be quick to forgive, and only stand up for yourself when there is no other way...

3rd. Quick way to Make Friends and not Enemies: Always be quick to offer a helping hand. Especially when you know it is that person's fault when this thing happened and keeps on happening. Because you have to remember Beloved, that God lends You a hand every single hour, and yet you constantly keep on messing up, and you keep on gossiping, and you keep on doing all wrong things, and you even curse God in your thoughts when your conscience is trying to correct you. And yet God is still a friend, He still helps you and shows you favor with all kinds of people, so won't You pay it forward and be quick to Make A New Friend By Offering To Help?...  James Dazouloute

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