5 Tips To Handle Hurricanes And Win

During a Disaster, natural or man made, your first thoughts likely are about your family members: Where are they? Are they OK? How do we get through 
5 Tips To Handle Hurricanes And Win... See

this? And since disasters can strike quickly and sometimes without warning, you always have to be on your toes while taking every precaution possible to be ready for a Hurricane. And since your family may not be together in the same place when they happen, so it is important to plan for a disaster in advance. Because you and your Family must survive No matter what.
5 Tips To Handle Hurricanes And Win... See

5 Tips To Handle Hurricanes And Win:

Your family's plan should be based on your vulnerability to the Hurricane Hazards. You should keep a written plan and share your plan with other friends or family. Because your Health and your Life will depend on it, and if you have a bad plan or if it has holes in it, then you and your loved will suffer greatly, Physically and Mentally...

2. One of the Other Main things That You Must Do:SECURE YOUR HOME - 

There are things that you can do to make your home more secure and able to withstand stronger storms. And all that depend on where you live and your surroundings, like what kind of roof do you have and do you have trees on top of it?. What kind of material was your home built with, bricks or pressure - treated wood with stucco?. Examine, examine my friend and talk to others so you will know how best to secure it. 
5 Tips To Handle Hurricanes And Win... See

3. Worry about your extended family members. I.E. Your Pets:

Do you have a Pet Disaster Survival Kit including proof of current vaccination, current photograph in case of separation, collar with identification and leash, and pet carrier?

4. Have all Infos. Updated and keep your family informed:

Who is your designated out-of-state contact so all family members have a single
point of contact?
. Name: 
• Where is the emergency location that your family will meet?
• Do any of your neighbors need assistance in evacuation?Have you reviewed     your insurance policies? Yes or No?
• Have you mitigated the effects of severe winds on your home by
installing hurricane shutters and bracing your garage door? Yes or No?
• Do you or your family know where the electric, gas, and water
shut-off valves are to shut them off before you leave? Yes or No?

 Be prepared for any disaster... See

5. Some Bad Things that can happen "Health Wise" with you and Your Family. You Must Prepare Friend: 

More Cuts, Scrapes and Puncture Wounds: 
Cuts, scrapes, and puncture wounds are common, and most people will experience one of these in their lifetime. Evaluating the injury, and thoroughly cleaning

More Grief: Loss of a Loved One .
Grief is the feeling one experiences after a loss (of a friendship, death of loved one, job). Complicated grief refers to grief that lasts for more than

More Drowning:
Especially pets and little children. Look out for them!

More Mental Health (Psychology) Noise Induced Hearing Loss and Its Prevention. - Noise-induced hearing loss may be an acoustic trauma (temporary hearing loss), or permanent due to an acute acoustic trauma. Experts agree that continual

More First Aid 
First aid is a complicated subject and it is situation-specific. First aid is the help and medical assistance that someone gives, not only to an injured.  

List of Hurricanes and their categories.. See

So you see my Friend, I will not, and I repeat, I will not let you fall victim during these trying times, as I do everything in my power to educate you on how to prepare for Hurricanes, and Winds, and Floods that are inevitable ,and that will come whether you want it or not. By James Dazouloute  
5 Tips To Handle Hurricanes And Win... See

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