Why Do You Hate Mother Earth As Your House So Much

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Love Is A House... So Why Do You Hate Your Builder Mother Earth, Without Whom, You Would Never Have Been Created In The First Place? And I know that this question leaves You perplexed, because it was so unexpected, but I ask You to take a journey with me all the way back to Genesis. Yes back to Origin, when even The Creator - God was trying to create You to live in this physical realm, He had to first create Mother Earth and give her all attributes that she would need to live on, but more importantly that You would need to survive on. For first, your entire Body was formed from The Earth, and this is why everything that you find in Mother Earth are also inside you. For example, Mother Earth has worms in her belly, so do you. She has iron in her blood, so do you. She has oil inside her, so do you in your skin. She has water, so do you within your vein. She has.... And So Do You.

So how is it that you say Love Is A House, yet you hate the builder so much?  For it was from Mother Earth that you were formed and shaped, so much so that it is to her that you will return once you die: Ashes to Ashes - Dust To Dust - Remember?. And the ability to show love is only manifested because you had to exist in this realm first, then you could actually begin to love yourself, then love another as your soul mate, afterward even love others who are all part of the community of souls. So since you say that Love Is A House, and you've Got the key, then I ask you to take the time to think Mother Earth for having even given you this concept of Housing. And let's not forget that you have to show love outwardly in a physical sense, by giving gifts, by having the energy to take a nice long walk, by putting your thoughts on paper so your Lover can have as Souvenir, and I ask where do all these things come from originally?. Of Course All Of Them ( The Gifts, The Energy from the foods you eat, The Paper from the trees) Come From Mother Earth As Your Builder.  
Why You Must Love Mother Earth.. See Reasons"

Also, you already know Beloved, Love Unknown And Non-Manifested is not even worth the thought it carries. For Love is a light that can not be hidden anywhere in The Universe, and even The Great God Knows this. And this is why He could not love You from the highest Heaven, and never make contact with You, or never manifest that Love in a physical sense. And so He had to get off His Throne and come down to be with You, to walk with you and then to die for you to show that Love Is A House, a Spiritual one and He is the key to open her. And when He came down, He also needed Mother Earth to take from her and create a human body for Himself, then he had to continually get his food and wine from Mother Earth. And The Earth was glad to be living within her purpose by serving Her Lord. And God blessed The Earth by giving her Children (You, Animals, Trees, Resources, And other unknown beings that you call Mythical). 

Love Is A House... But out of all her children, You are the only one who abuse her, You are the only one who will not take the time to thank her, You are the only one who will spit on her, murder your brother and let the blood run on her, make perverted love above her, relieve yourself on her. And now to make matters worst, You have even allowed your brothers and sisters to create Corporations, and hide behind anonymous names, just so they could dump their pollutant inside Mother Earth, just so they could rip The Earth's Guts out, just so they could suck the very life out of her by taking all her oil, all her coals, all her silver, all her iron... etc.  
Why You Must Love Mother Earth.. See Reasons"

And so I ask you, as you build your house of Love, how would you feel if someone connected a small hose under your skin, and started sucking out all the oil out that you need to stay moisturized? Or they decided to use a knife and drill, to yank out all your vital organs? Or they pulled all your fingernails, all your teeth? Tell me, just what would you have left that would make You the unique You who is living in this house of love?" And then will all these body parts gone from you, how would you be able to demonstrate your sweet love to your soul mate every day in a physical sense? How would you take long walks, how would you kiss, how would you speak I Love You?.... You Wouldn't Be Able To You Say, then how is it that you expect the builder of Physical Love within your body, Mother Earth, to survive at all when you are abusing her so much, and when you allow others to abuse her, pollute her, take out all her organs, and all the other resources she needs to keep on providing food for you, materials to build your house, resources to build cars for you, diamonds so you could say I Love You in a physical way.... Tell Me, How Will Any Of This Continue To Be Possible?  

Love Is A House... So Why Do You Hate Your Builder Mother Earth? So starting today, let us begin (Just You And I are all it takes) to recognize that there is no house of love without Mother Earth, there is no You - There is no Me - without the provisions from Mother Earth. And let us start to do our part to take care of the Great Mother like the American Indians have been yelling at us to do, and let us thank God for having created such a giant Being, The Earth, and for having placed everything within her that we would ever need and want, to build our house of love from within our bodies and our hearts, then to project our feelings and emotions outward to the ones we love, and using our actions as the key to open the doors of Love that are part of that great house... Get It? If Not, then quickly get your hands on My Latest Book: Give Me Your Heart... From Mother Earth" 

Just so you could know what else to do to save and then protect Mother Earth, so she could always be around for you in your old age, and then for your children and in their old age, and so on and so forth. Your Earth Advocate,  James Dazouloute  
Why You Must Love Mother Earth.. See Reasons"


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