10 Baseball Legends You Must Meet

I wonder If You Know Them, because as each decade goes by and with each new generation we seem to forget the old school great ones. And some of us even 
10 Baseball Legends You Must Meet.. See

claim that the new kids on the block are the Greatest Ever?. 

So Let Us Begin:

1. Mickey Mantle  
10 Baseball Legends You Must Meet.. See

Mickey Mantle, what more can need to be said about this Great Player, well let's try. He was the first player to hit a homerun in the Astrodome. He did it in an exhibition  game between the Yankees and the Astros in 1962.

2. Lefty O'Doul  
10 Baseball Legends You Must Meet.. See

Lefty O'Doul, some people may have a fuzzy memory about this talented player, but he was Pitcher with the Pennant – Winning Yankees in 1922, and Rube Bressler, a Pitcher with the Pennant Winning Athletics of 1914, both gained Fame as Outfielders: O'Doul won two batting titles in the National League and hit .349 lifetime; and Bressler hit .302 for his career.

3. Rogers Hornsby  
10 Baseball Legends You Must Meet.. See

Rogers Hornsby, was just a great Player of the 1922 Cardinals became the first National Leaguer to hit 40 home runs in a season when he hit 42 base – clearing blows.

4. Ernie Lombardi  
10 Baseball Legends You Must Meet.. See

Ernie Lombardi, we all know all too well how great this player was. He set a Major League Mark by grounding into the most double plays in the National League in five different Seasons.

5. Dave Koslo  
10 Baseball Legends You Must Meet.. See

Dave Koslo broke the Yankees' nine – game Opening Game World Series winning streak in 1951 when he bested Allie Reynolds, 5-1. The last time that the Bronx Bombers had lost the lead game of the fall classic had been in 1936 when Carl Hubbell, also of the Giants, defeated them, 6-1.

So Now my Fellow Great Fan of Baseball, you are beginning to see and remember all the Great Ones who have done so much for our Baseball Culture and Tradition. We, in this Generation are forever indebted to all the Pioneering Players who have played this great game. Let Us Continue:

6. Joe Jackson  
10 Baseball Legends You Must Meet.. See

Joe Jackson, was just a Great Baseball Player along with Buck Weaver, Fred McMullin, Claude Williams, Swede Risberg, Happy Felsch, Eddie Cicotte, and Chick Gandill were the eight white Sox Players who ALLEGEDLY were bribed to throw the 1919 World Series.

7. Lou Gehrig  
10 Baseball Legends You Must Meet.. See

Lou Gehrig, we all know about this Great Man and his accomplishments. He began his consecutive game streak by batting for Pee Wee Wanninger the day before he subbed for ailing first baseman Wally Pipp.

8. Burleigh Grimes 
10 Baseball Legends You Must Meet.. See

Burleigh Grimes help you remember the days of Spitball  Pitchers. And winding up his career in 1934 with the Yankees, Pirates, and Cards, he was the last of the legal Spitball Pitchers, and Red Faber of the 1933 White Sox was the last of the legal Spitball Pitchers in the American League.

9. Stan Musial 
10 Baseball Legends You Must Meet.. See

Stan Musial, was just a powerful Hitter. He was of the 1954 Cards along with Nate Colbert of the 1972 Padres each hit a record five (5) home runs in a doubleheader.

10. Bob Gibson  
10 Baseball Legends You Must Meet.. See

Bob Gibson, a very Athletic Player with a great eye for details and opportunities. He played for the Cardinals and didn't steal too often, but when that man did, he was for the most part Successful. Because he stole 13 career bases in 17 attempts... Also he lost his first and last World Series Games. But in between, he won seven straight, A Great Record.

Facts Of Baseball and 10 Old School Baseball Players Who Have Done Amazing Things. Wheeew!. And now I think that you are very well energized like I am by all these things that have been done in Baseball. Be Active Or Be A Fan, Either Way... PARTICIPATE. By James Dazouloute  
10 Baseball Legends You Must Meet.. See



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