Why You Must Give To The Poor Or Else..

Why You Must Give.. See

Donate To The Poor... Because God Created the rich and the poor, because you can't give to Him directly but only through the Poor. And when you give, it is said that when you give by volunteering, or with food or money, then the part in your Mid-Brain that is responsible for enjoying food or sex also gets activated through Charity or Philanthropy.  And when you give away what is most important to you, whether it is your time, your money, your knowledge, your love, your teaching, and even your vision... Then you are actually joining God in His love for Humanity, and you are sitting right there in His Throne room with him.  
How And Why Give To The Poor.. See:

And many have experienced that when they give through Philanthropy,  they experience deep happiness, great self esteem along with a sense of purpose in life. And all because you already know that giving feels good, giving is great and giving is wonderful for your ego and heroism. And when others need you, when others lives are improved because of you, and when others eat because of your giving, you have the kind of satisfaction mentally, sentimentally and spiritually that no other act can give you. And please do not let the Hypocrites of the world tell you that they all give freely and never expect anything in return at all. ALL LIES...  Because even God gives to you, feeds you, protects you, helps you, delivers you and even promises you eternal life because of His Love and Ego.  
How And Why Give To The Poor.. See:

And so it is with everything you do in life, it is due to your Ego that God gave to you, as well as life. It is the reason that forces you to live, to give, to love, to help, to fight and to do all other things.... Because you want life to mean something, you want to be acknowledged as being a Good person, you want to be remembered as a Philanthropist. Also when you do nice things, loving and kind things for others, it gives your Aura a boost, your Chakra a clearing, and your soul a wonderful experience in perfection. And so you must donate to the poor, you must reach out to the less fortunate to better your health, since when you feel good and happy, then your pressure goes down, your chances for a stroke is minimized, and you will cure all illnesses just by giving.  
How And Why Give To The Poor.. See:

And in the Lower Part Of Your Brain, you have Oxytocin which helps with the part of a Mother and Infant Bonding. And donating to the poor or giving to them, allows you to feel connected or bonded to Society, to Humanity,  and give you a sense of belonging to the greater family of the Universal Consciousness.  Besides, why do you think God is always hounding you about the virtues of life, such as Charity and giving from the heart?. That's because it is good for you, and as beneficial and as healthy as good food and marital sex. Because that part of your brain that controls the feeling good part of those things also help you to feel great about giving to the poor all that you have in resources. By James Dazouloute  
How And Why Give To The Poor.. See:




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