What To Do When A Hurricane Is Coming

Hello Hurricane, How To Stay Home Or Evacuate In A Few Easy Steps. Is what we will explore today dear Friend. And you will find out the less painstaking
What To Do When A Hurricane Is Coming... See

 ways of either Staying Put Or Move Out To A Shelter or to another's house. And whatever your decision is, you want to make sure that you had a chance to carefully plan it by looking at all the pitfalls that may occur during and after a disaster.
Let us begin by looking at all the easy steps to take if you Decide to STAY HOME For A Hurricane Landfall:

STEP 1. As you know dear friend, in everything you do in life you must always have a road map or a plan. And as you plan to stay home you must let somebody know that this is what you intend to do. Like a friend, family member or coworker who lives across town or out of your area where the hurricane is heading. And believe me that will serve you well in case things take a turn for the worst and your cell phone or house phone signals get knocked out.

STEP 2. Now let us take a look around your house to see what potential problems you might have when the heavy rains from the hurricane start to arrive along with the very strong winds that could reach up to 175 Miles Per Hour. So you must look at your roof, your gutters, your downspouts, your front and back doors along with your windows to see if any of those structures have cracks or are loose. In effect you are looking for anything that is abnormal, because when the winds come anything can become a missile flying inside or outside the house.  
What To Do When A Hurricane Is Coming... See

STEP 3. In staying home and riding out the hurricane you have to make sure you have enough food, water, fuel and clothing to last you anywhere from 3 to 7 days after the heavy storm. So start heading out to the supermarket to get food, water and supplies along with some of your favorite canned foods that have meat, because protein will help you with strength. And also get some cans of vegetables or cans of noodles as carbohydrate for energy. Then head to the Gas Station and fill up all your vehicles because power may get knocked out for 2 weeds or more and you will need as much gas as possible. Also get at least 5, five gallon gas containers and fill them up because you will need them for your generator at home, for your boat and also as extra gas for the vehicles.

STEP 4. Now Hello Hurricane, and by now you should have put everything away and put up your shutters or plywood if your house require any. So you can now just relax and have candles nearby along with access to your generator just in case the power goes out. Remember " The Calm Before The Storm " so Do not be fooled if there is a lull; it could be the eye of the storm - winds will go from Zero to Extreme without warning. Collect as much water as possible in everything that can hold water. Because if there is flooding, regular water will mix with sewage lines and dead animals. And so Fill water containers and clean bath tubs with water. And during the storm please stay away from the window or the doors, as it is natural human curiosity to want to see. No, just find the room that is in the middle of the house and stay there or if you have a basement that would be best. Remember, debris are flying outside and the hurricane may even spin a tornado or two, so just keep your family together and that way you know where everyone is and you can reach out and help them in an instant. So if you do these 4 steps you will ride out a hurricane easily at home.  
What To Do When A Hurricane Is Coming... See

Let us begin by looking at all the easy steps to take if you Decide To EVACUATE For A Hurricane Landfall:

STEP 1. Communication: Again here is that word, a very important word in all you do. For maintaining communication is essential with your friends, family and your local authorities. Because this is your time of needs. My Friend, we live in a Society where everything is Documentation. You have to prove everything about yourself and your family with every form of transaction, so put important documents in a safe, waterproof location, such as a waterproof safe, or an ice cooler sealed with duct tape. Or use anything you can think of that is waterproof.

STEP 2. You must make sure your house, cars and boats are safe that you are about to leave behind; and just like if you were staying home you still need to ensure your assets are protected. So start looking for all possible hazards like trees, lose sheds and begin to seriously implement your household disaster plan. Be sure trees and shrubs around your home are well trim. Clear loose and clogged rain gutters and downspouts and determine how and where to secure your boat.Make sure that you secure your house well by maybe screwing in some windows and doors, strap the boat exactly behind the house along with any cars that you are not taking with you. After all you have worked hard for the little things that you have and there will be plenty of hurricanes and other disasters, so don't let this one be the one that wipes you out. 
What To Do When A Hurricane Is Coming... See

STEP 3. My Friend, do not play with your life and the life of your loved ones. Once you decide to evacuate, do not be in between because when a Hurricane strike is imminent you only have a couple of hours to get to a safe position, plan ahead and be prepared to evacuate as soon as the anticipated evacuation order is given. Make your plans far in advance and discuss them with your family, and they will be much more cooperative when the time comes if you include them during the planning phase. And identify ahead of time where you could go if you are told to evacuate. Choose several places -- a friend's home in another town, a motel, or a shelter. Remember, When an evacuation order is given, they are not playing. They have Scientists who are way smarter than me and you that can show base upon patterns, graphs, and history where and how a Hurricane will do damages. So remember, Evacuation orders are mandatory. Don't try to stay behind or argue with authorities. And nowadays do not just count on your navigation system only. The " Old Fashioned Road Map " will never fail you, and it will show you all the different roads on paper. So get one and put it in the glove compartment. Also keep handy the telephone numbers of these places as well as the road map of your locality. You may need to take alternative or unfamiliar routes if major roads are closed or clogged.  
What To Do When A Hurricane Is Coming... See

STEP 4. Always do a final inspection before leaving your home, shut off all gas appliances and water at root valves. Shut off main electrical breakers. And consider leaving refrigerator circuit on to keep freezer going as long as possible. Listen to the radio as you drive and then when you get to the place that you have evacuated to, try to have small portable television and radio to listen to. So you will know what is going on or even if a twister tornado has taken a turn and wants to head to where you are taking shelter. Also before hand, know what you can or can not bring to the Shelter where you are going. Call ahead of times or go by there the day before. Do not bring pets, alcoholic beverages, or weapons to public shelters, because you will find yourself in arguments and confrontations with volunteers and the Police. Some documents are a must to have with you during a time of disaster. So keep important papers, especially insurance policies, with you at all times. I do not want you to become a victim and homeless.

And in closing dear friend, do not be anxious after a hurricane to run back home until you get the All Clear from the authorities. And the best advice I can give you is to always plan ahead. Always look for deals and buy things that you know you will be needing one day during a disaster. and so that way you will not go into a Zombie like trance and do what you should never do. Panic.By James Dazouloute  
What To Do When A Hurricane Is Coming... See

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Why You Must Give To The Poor Or Else..

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Donate To The Poor... Because God Created the rich and the poor, because you can't give to Him directly but only through the Poor. And when you give, it is said that when you give by volunteering, or with food or money, then the part in your Mid-Brain that is responsible for enjoying food or sex also gets activated through Charity or Philanthropy.  And when you give away what is most important to you, whether it is your time, your money, your knowledge, your love, your teaching, and even your vision... Then you are actually joining God in His love for Humanity, and you are sitting right there in His Throne room with him.  
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And many have experienced that when they give through Philanthropy,  they experience deep happiness, great self esteem along with a sense of purpose in life. And all because you already know that giving feels good, giving is great and giving is wonderful for your ego and heroism. And when others need you, when others lives are improved because of you, and when others eat because of your giving, you have the kind of satisfaction mentally, sentimentally and spiritually that no other act can give you. And please do not let the Hypocrites of the world tell you that they all give freely and never expect anything in return at all. ALL LIES...  Because even God gives to you, feeds you, protects you, helps you, delivers you and even promises you eternal life because of His Love and Ego.  
How And Why Give To The Poor.. See:

And so it is with everything you do in life, it is due to your Ego that God gave to you, as well as life. It is the reason that forces you to live, to give, to love, to help, to fight and to do all other things.... Because you want life to mean something, you want to be acknowledged as being a Good person, you want to be remembered as a Philanthropist. Also when you do nice things, loving and kind things for others, it gives your Aura a boost, your Chakra a clearing, and your soul a wonderful experience in perfection. And so you must donate to the poor, you must reach out to the less fortunate to better your health, since when you feel good and happy, then your pressure goes down, your chances for a stroke is minimized, and you will cure all illnesses just by giving.  
How And Why Give To The Poor.. See:

And in the Lower Part Of Your Brain, you have Oxytocin which helps with the part of a Mother and Infant Bonding. And donating to the poor or giving to them, allows you to feel connected or bonded to Society, to Humanity,  and give you a sense of belonging to the greater family of the Universal Consciousness.  Besides, why do you think God is always hounding you about the virtues of life, such as Charity and giving from the heart?. That's because it is good for you, and as beneficial and as healthy as good food and marital sex. Because that part of your brain that controls the feeling good part of those things also help you to feel great about giving to the poor all that you have in resources. By James Dazouloute  
How And Why Give To The Poor.. See:




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